Wikipedia’s Founder Stated that Twitter should have banned Trump a long time ago


Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia had made it almost in every news recently as he went on to that in his personal opinion he believes that President Donald Trump should be struck off from Twitter. As he feels and percepts that the president is being permitted to behave in a manner that would present the others banned from the platform as wrongdoing.  

Wales had publically made these comments at the Financial Times. At the conference “FT Future of the News Europe 2019” that was held in Amsterdam. Precisely the words that were used by Wales were that he thinks that a portion of Trump’s tweets are speculated and most are out of line as well due to which the “blowhard” president should have been banned from the platform “a long time ago”.

One may consider that how did Jimmy Wales the founder of Wikipedia gain the courage to pass out such statements against the present president of the United States. Well, Wikipedia as a platform has millions of visitors each day while also being one of the fifty most popular websites on a global scale. For the past few years, one of the most researched google questions has also been “how to create a Wikipedia page for your company”. So it is very evident that a person who has created a giant platform such most definitely has a lot of influence. 

He also commented that “A lot of stuff that President Trump says would not violate the terms of service of Twitter. He’s a blowhard, and he says false things, but he’s attacked people in ways that other people couldn’t get away with,” said Wales. “I mean, they’ve made it very clear that they are applying the rules differently.”

And in response, Twitter has also stated that their rules abide and apply to every user including the heads of state, but they also went ahead to add that tweets from the world leaders that might otherwise violate rules could be permitted in terms of “Public Interest”. 

Though Jimmy Wales particularly does not have any exclusive negative feedbacks for Twitter as a platform. Instead, he has also gone ahead and praised the decision to ban every political advertisement to be averted via the platform. This ban was announced in October by Jack Dorsey who is the CEO of Twitter. Whereas Wales also believes that the fellow social media giant Facebook should shadow such a suit as well.

Wales also went ahead to state that he thinks Facebook accepting political ads and not allowing any fact-checking medium is really unwise, and it is not like they have been making loads of money via these political campaigning. As it is a relatively small part of their entire business so in his opinion he believes that they should be better off without it. Though while Wales has been strategically passing out these comments it has made us wonder about his intentions as he has been simultaneously been promoting his own recent premiered Social Media platform which is, “WT Social”. 

Wales’s new company the WT Social operates as an ad-free business model that in its place relies deeply on the donations that are made by the users. Wales has been upfront in suggesting that money is a highly powerful motivator for social media companies and an aid for them to engage inconsistent applications of community standards. Wales has most ended his statements in almost the same manner by commented that he doesn’t intend to be cynical but he knows of many people that use Twitter and he does not think that they personally are bad or even negative people but it’s just their business model that adds with them having to do the correct/ right things.”.


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