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January 15th 2020 will mark the 19th anniversary of Wikipedia. It is difficult to find a person who would not know about this universal encyclopedia on the Internet, which is created by voluntary authors in many languages ​​of the world and freely distributed on the Internet.

The technology of Wikipedia is based on scientific verification of information, which does not allow publishing facts that were not published in the media. In fact, the most famous Internet resource today demonstrates the principles of self-regulation of the development of the Internet industry, which is subject to misinformation. The problem of fake news on the Internet is constantly aggravated, according to the “Medialogy”, only over the past few years, if compared to 2017, the number of planned false news increased by 32% from 15 to 20.9 thousand publications.

Paid Wikipedia writing

People interested in the query “buy an article on Wikipedia” are aimed at the unambiguous publication of the articles they need on Wikipedia, while they completely rely on the professionalism of those who receive an order from them.

The system of interaction between the customers and the contractor can be built on different bases, such as phone calls, correspondence by e-mail, as well as chatting via instant communication tools like Skype, Viber, etc. Payment for the services of a contractor can be carried out in various ways, including prepayment, payment in installments, dividing payment by advance payment and final payment, etc.

There are a lot of Wikipedia page writing Services that offer excellent writing styles and toil hard to enhance the life of your Article. Such service providers are aware of every technicality that is required to write a Wiki article.

Various pain article writing services use their own ways to attracts customers. For example, some publish materials like “creating an article” and “how to get Wikipedia”, someone says that the writing of the article has now become real, some place ads on freelance exchanges. It is usually not difficult to place an order using the contact details provided in the visible parts of the service sites. After the order, usually within a short time, the customer is contacted by the service manager, who answers customer questions and gives a price list, information on the timing of work and service guarantees.

If the client agrees, then based on an oral or written contract, the interaction between the customer and the contractor begins, the result of which will be the publication of the desired article on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is not your corporate blog

Wikipedia is a great platform for freedom-loving internet and you should not think that you will easily manipulate and drag ads under the guise on an encyclopedia page. Each page goes through the stages of moderation, and after that new pages need to be protected in an incubator (a project that allows beginners to create pages under the supervision of experienced users, and specialists to correctly develop existing articles), as well as to the encyclopedia administrators who will start to ask reasonable questions.

Encyclopedia imposes a specific format. If you persuade the publication to write about the exciting story of your startup, this does not mean that such a publication will undergo strict censorship of Wiki. You need relevance and a neutral style. By the way, do not try to write a page yourself, try to attract an experienced user – he can help to create a page (more often – for a fee) and it’s highly recommended.

Wikipedia is a whole community

Wikipedia is a community, and it’s important to work with it as a community. There are official meetings of contributors, in which you can study the contribution of each user to the encyclopedia and chat with profile bloggers. The main rule is respect for the disinterested work of Wikipedia moderators and administrators who rule and clean the world encyclopedia (this is one of the main provisions of Wikipedia).

The worst thing is that your page has been deleted

Your page is not allowed out of the incubator? No problem! But if the page has been deleted, this is a verdict that is difficult to appeal. This can happen for several reasons: violation of copyright, Wikipedia rules, the content of the article contradicting the latter (insignificant topic, forbidden content, etc., as well as if the information on the page is irrelevant).

However, don’t be scared if you put a note “to delete” on the page. Then the court begins, in the process of which you are better off attracting moderators and competent users to your side by showing them the page and asking them to write their opinion on the arbitration page.

Be patient!

Unfortunately, Wikipedia is in decline among the editors, which means that solutions to controversial issues can be expected for months. Almost nothing appears on Wikipedia by wave of hand, however, there are exceptions. Always be prepared for a lengthy conversation, but choose to lead it in the form of a dispute or in the format of a friendly conversation with the community.


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