What are the Reasons Behind Failing an MOT Test?


In today’s era, safety is an important issue that is gathering the attention of most of us. Be it safety in the household, workplace or on roads, it is a prerequisite for life. When it comes to safety on roads, MOT becomes a necessity for vehicle safety. MOT Test has become a compulsory test in the UK.

The MOT test (Ministry of Transport) is an annual test of vehicle safety and road worthiness aspects. The test is mandatory in the United Kingdom for vehicles more than three years old. But how does it concerns you? This article will help you to get familiar with some vital aspects of MOT.

MOT Test- How to Excel It?

Clearing an MOT Test is not so cumbersome, but without precautions, it can become excruciating at times and lead you to fail the test. So save yourself of the worries and hassle of a retest by following this blog.

During an MOT test, there are many parts that are checked beforehand. Some of them include mirrors, lights, blades, windscreen, doors, seats, steering, horn, suspension, etc. Besides these components, tyres, wheels, and emission systems are also checked during the test.

MOT Test Failure? Know the Reasons Behind It!

There are many reasons which can lead to failing an MOT Wilson test. The most common reason behind MOT test failure is defective lights. It is estimated that 30% of all faults are because of lighting and signalling. 10% of MOT failures occur due to tyres. The legal minimum tread depth for tyres is 1.6mm.

Almost one in ten MOT fails are due to issues with brakes. To avoid getting stuck in dangerous situations, test your brakes every day before you start your journey. Make sure your mirrors, wipers, and washers are all in good working order as 8.5% of all MOT faults are related to the driver’s view of the road. 14% of MOT check failures are because of registration plates. However, it is a crucial part of the car, it does not affect your safety on the road.

12% of MOT check failures are down to faulty windscreen wipers. Any wipers that smear the screen or have visible tears and damage will cause your vehicle to fail its MOT check. 7% of MOT check failures are down to brakes not being in full working order. Discovery of excessive wear or unusual wear patterns will cause your vehicle to fail its MOT.

The paranoia sets in when one hears about not passing the MOT Test. Now unpack your tension about any hassle and extra cost due to MOT re-tests. Visit your nearby garages and MOT centres and get your vehicle checked before the test. One of them is Premier Tyres Plus. For any assistance regarding MOT Wednesbury, make no delay to visit us! We deal exclusively with all types of MOT services. Our team of experts would be more than happy to assist you!


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