What Are the Major Differences Between Hotel Management and Hospitality Management?


The word Hotel Management mainly deals with the efficient and excellent management of various operations and activities of a hotel or restaurant-related organization.

Thus this hotel management course trains students in the management techniques related to various activities of an organization in this industry, like management, administration, catering, marketing, finance maintenance, housekeeping, store maintenance, food and beverages, Public Relations, etc.

Briefly, Hotel management concentrates mainly on managing things related to the hotel and hotel industry. One who pursues graduation in hotel management from the best institute for hotel management can get better opportunities in this sector.

On the other front, the term Hospitality Management is about maintaining and managing entire hospitality-related activities and also other allied activities.

The various business verticals and organizations coming under the hospitality sector includes Hotels, Event Management, Tourism Industry, Food and Beverage Industry, Pubs & Restaurants, Relaxation Industry, Resorts, etc.

Thus, this hospitality management course focuses on training students on these related issues and equips them with knowledge and skills related to the concerned segment of the broad hospitality sector. Many hotel management colleges in Hyderabad offering courses in this hospitality management along with hotel management.

Even though both the hospitality and hotel industry comes under the travel and tourism sector there exist few differences between those two. Below are a few key differences between hotel management and hospitality management.

Industry Dependence

India is one of the world’s premier tourist destinations enjoys a huge float of tourists every year. Its also considered that tourism is the reason for the functioning of the majority of hotels. This makes the hotel industry to be active and serve. Thus we can state the hotel industry is heavily dependent on the tourism industry

Field of Work

As we stated the name hotel management means dealing with all aspects of managing a hotel or any organization providing accommodation related services such as resorts, guest houses, etc. India, being a prominent tourism destination, is considered as a home for a large number of hotels and hotel chains. Hotel management involves managing a hotel’s regular operations and activities

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Coming to hospitality management the field of work for professionals will be broad. It can be a club, conference, events, sales, finance management, banquet maintenance, business development, and even hotels,

Employment Opportunities

Hotel management involves professionals to work particularly with the hotel industry or the tourism industry. Hence we can find a wide range of opportunities with well-established hotel chains, resorts, pubs, and restaurants.

For hospitality management, employment opportunities are very high and varied. As we are not restricted to work only in the hotel industry, we can make use of our skills in various other departments like operations, HR, finance, front office management, store management, operations and also in various other administrative positions.

Driving Factors

Hotel management is mostly an operations-oriented profession. Hotel managers need to ensure that each and every department in the hotel is running smoothly and effectively. Thus a hotel management degree helps individuals to get trained in managing all those departments.

Hospitality management is more of people management rather than managing things. The primary aim is to make sure that customers/guests are comfortable and satisfied with their services at any event or banquet or hotel etc. A good hotel manager is the one who can turn customers, stay in their vicinity into an experience.


The major role of a hotel management professional is to ensure guests enjoy a pleasant stay at their establishment. It involves focusing on customer satisfaction from the moment they check-in to the moment they check out.

Every single activity of the needs to remain as an experience to ensure their visit is worth their pay. Hotel Manager needs to coordinate with the department heads of all segments like front desk, housekeeping, food and beverages, guest services, maintenance, etc.

Same to hotel management, hospitality management also focuses primarily on taking care of their guests but in a broad range of business verticles. For example, these hospitality managers are responsible for contacting foreign delegates and make sure that they have everything they need for a pleasant and successful visit.

Whatever the ambitions and objectives of an individual may be, it is a better time for individuals to enjoy this developing and evolving sector. Irrespective of individuals focus on either hotel management or hospitality management, the demand for well-skilled professionals is very high at all levels.


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