Useful Graphic Designing Tip For Non-Designers


Visuals are becoming a hot topic of the world of businesses and digital content, which includes your website, blog posts, social media content and more. The website visuals can attract and keep the audience. The truth is that visuals enhance the aesthetic of the content making it more appealing for the audience. 

In the past, entrepreneurs had to hire designers for the design, but today there are many designing tools available where you can produce amazing visuals without the assistance of an expert. Here are a few tips that can help you to harness your creative juices and create amazing visuals in no time. 

  1. Don’t copy others work

Your design should be able to stand out in the market. It is a great idea to get inspired by design ideas used by others to get an idea of what’s working in the market. However, in the end, you need a design that can describe your brand. There are many design templates that are appealing and creative, but they are also used by others. Take the idea you find to be the best and modify it to make it unique

  • Start with a great colour palette

Colours play an essential role in design and choosing a great colour palette is the key to create great design. Think of children book illustrators for instance and notice the choice of colours they make to attract the children to the book. Try experimenting with contrasting palettes, lively backgrounds and more. Make sure to keep the psychology of colours in mind when designing as it can evoke emotions of the audience and attract them to the brand.

  • Careful font selection

Ideally, a combination of two fonts is more than enough for a design. You don’t want to clutter your design with various font. Clarity and legibility in design is something you need to make an impression on the audience. Try experimenting with different fonts and choose a unique style for your project. Explore different styles rather than choosing dull fonts. 

  • Experiment with white spaces

White spaces are a trendy graphic designing style as they are simple and easy to understand. The best example of white spaces can be Apple design. Websites cluttered with images and content can confuse and irritate the viewer making an unprofessional image of the brand. Minimal designs add a sense of sophistication in the image and can speak volumes about the brand. 

  • Selection of consistent images

While designing, you need to make sure that the image quality you use in the design is consistent throughout the design. The frame, proportions, lightening, style and quality of the images must stay constant throughout the design. They should always add meaning to your design and should be relevant to the brand. 

  • Sketch it out

If you are still learning to design, it is a better idea to sketch the idea on a paper instead of putting in a lot of effort in designing on a computer. Make use of scanners or smartphone camera to import the idea on the computer and the software. Once uploaded, you can edit or improve your design as an image. 

  • Make your own rules

One rule that every designer must abide by is to be creative with the project to make the design appealing for the viewers. Creativity is not bound by rules. You can experiment with different colours and other design elements until you come up with a design that suits your requirements. However, make sure that you are consistent with your design as it is what builds a brand. 


You may not be a creative designer, but with these seven tips, you can easily design your way to create an appealing image. All you need is to be aware of the technical aspects of design such as hierarchy, balance, proximity and more to create an image for your brand. It will take some time to design, but the result is worth the efforts put in design. 


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