Ultimate Custom Water Bottle Buying Guide

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According to recent scientific studies, its been found more than 60% of children do not drink enough water. It’s not just children. Even adults are more dehydrated than they were only ten years ago. The right solution for drinking enough water is having a custom water bottle. Typically water bottles are made out of plastic and are not the most pleasing things to look at. Initially, custom water bottles were just bottles with names on them. Now custom water bottles are a very common sight in offices and schools. However, you can now personalize them to a greater extent. Personalized gifts sites in India offer customizations ranging from photo printing on bottles to artistic designs and monograms on bottles.

How are they better than ordinary plastic water bottles?

The Custom water bottles offered on personalized gifts sites are made out of metal. You also get a free sipper top so you can quickly quench your thirst. Metal keeps the water fresh and does not let the water get smelly. This also means metal bottles can hold water for more extended periods than plastic bottles. You can also choose between aluminium and stainless steel. It combines common sense with style. These water bottles do not cost more than 1000 rupees.

Are custom water bottles smart gifts?

Custom water bottles have proven to be very successful as corporate gifts to customers and employees. These generally have a logo of the company or a motivational quote. They prove to be very handy gifts as water bottles are used in day to day life, making it an essential. With personalized gifts companies ever increasing, it is possible to create a completely custom design from scratch. This allows you to make a statement as the design you select can show what sort of tastes & preferences you have.

These can be gifted to anybody as everybody uses one. Which makes them good return gifts for parties or functions. The unique selling point of a personalized water bottle lies in the fact that they can be customised for any age or any occasion. For eg, if it’s for a kid between the age of 8 to 16, the water bottle can have graphics or logo of their favourite tv show or sports team. If the water bottle is for someone older between the age range of 20 to 40, a water bottle with initials or pictures will do the trick.

These bottles are available in sizes starting from 600ml to 1litre, and this makes them very easy to carry around. 

Why you should buy a personalized water bottle

Not drinking enough water every day leads to lower levels of immunity and general dehydration. A major reason is that people do not remember to drink water.The main advantage of having a custom water bottle would be that you will feel like drinking from it more as personalized gifts sites let you create your designs from scratch. You can make your bottle visually appealing, so you’re encouraged to drink from it. This hack has been known to work most successfully on children. 


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