Trend changer technologies in 2020


Technology trends expected to drive significant interruption and distribute weighty prospect and these trends are rapidly impending prime of life. This constant technology modernization will enable the orientation of the physical and digital trends world to identify opportunities, reduce risk and create a competitive advantage.

Clearly, technology is not just changing, it is transforming extremely very fast. Innovation in the business world is accelerating exponentially. However, in this article, we will discuss the most forthcoming trends everyone should get ready for in 2020.

Visual Positioning System (VPS)

Google’s new advanced Visual Positioning System that gave an innovative look to the current maps navigation technology. This update in the navigation world is creating a wave in the lifestyle of people all around the world. When the standard GPS technology is not enough, this new visual system can offer you plentiful support to fix your navigation concerns. With this new technology, Google Maps can make use of the user’s phone camera to highlight your surroundings and visually contrary to your course right in front of your eyes.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is the next big innovation in-home technology. In recent years, IoT has begun to shape a function in everyday life. These devices will remain to fit in more parts of the home system by operating the internet, permitting a user to operate anything from the air conditioning to their security. You can imagine that one of these devices will be making things easier in your home and the homes around you by 2020.


After Bitcoin’s, major tech players have begun to take cryptocurrencies extremely. Laterally with major Initial Coin Offerings that have hit major news outlets, smaller companies are developing Stable coins that deliver a challenge to make available all the authorities of cryptocurrency transactions without the price variations. As these coins commence to work themselves out and exchanges even out the instabilities in prices, expect these resources to be majority methods of payment by 2020.


The world’s prime banks have even now started to use blockchain technology. Certainly, the degree at which this technology is growing has already placed it in top trends of 2020. Although only a handful of businesses are using this technology, by 2020, we will see its mass adoption for sure. Blockchain technology is an old concept that allows technologies to communicate securely and verifiably. Blockchain technology is still gaining interest across the tech market.

Printable organs

Nowadays, we are already in success to 3D “bio-print” organ tissues, a procedure that dropping a “bio-ink” made of cells exactly in layers, follow-on in a functional active human tissue. In the long-term, this has the potential to overlay the way for “printing” human organs, such as kidneys, livers, and hearts. By 2020, this technology will be generally used by pharmaceutical companies, ensuing in safer and better drug applicants and fewer disappointments in medical treatment.

Artificial Intelligence

Used for relatively a long time,Artificial intelligence is creating a significant impression on industrial development. Computers are now able to pick up new things as humans do. In fact, by the end of 2019, the regular being will have more discussions with a robot, than with everybody else. Current researches are now allowing Artificial intelligence to identify facial expressions, voice recognition, and even help in customer services as well. So, it is no amazement that we’ll be seeing Artificial intelligence employments that don’t need any human interferences in the next time.


These technologies are and will change the world in 2020. While there are alarms about workforce impact, there is little doubt that 2020 will be a time of innovation as people better leverage technology. Effectively all of the trends will have an influence on the people.


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