Top Reasons why Cereal Boxes are at Eye Level with kids


Everyone is in search of a healthy start of the day, and nothing can beat the cereal as they are best for getting the required energy for the body after the whole fasting of night. A healthy breakfast like this can help to improve the mental and physical performance of a human’s body. These cereals are low in fat and can work perfectly to omit risks of heart diseases. The demand for this style of snacks is rising, and there is a number of manufacturers in the market, competing for getting better sales. These manufacturers are in a constant effort to impulse their sales and get a better profit margin than their competitors.

Marketers have different techniques to boost their sales, and the use of packaging is one of them. The packaging style utilized by any business has a great impact on sales as it is considered as a basic communicator for the business owners to communicate their target audience. Cereal Boxes are widely used in the industry for this purpose as these containers are manufactured of card materials which are highly versatile in nature and can be printed in alluring graphics to draw the attention of consumers. These containers can also be printed with catchy taglines and messages to appeal to the consumers and impact their purchase decision. The placement of these custom printed cereal boxes also matters a lot as it is one of the basic rules of marketing to place the products on an eye-level of the target consumers in the market in order to hook their minds with your products in an effective manner. The basic target audience for the cereal manufacturers is kids as it is essential to target the kids in marketing in order to develop a better level of relationship with them and foster the brand loyalty in their minds. This is the reason why most of the brands prefer to imprint their containers with appealing graphics along with cartoon characters, as such illustrations help in engaging the mind of kids.

Foster the Loyalty

The reason for the placement of these items on the lower side of the market shelves is that manufacturers want the strategically target the kids as their main point of focus. Research has shown that placing these cases on the eye level of the kids on a slight angle of 9.5 degrees provides the marketers with an edge as kids can see the containers easily without a need to tilt their neck. This style of marketing can help the brands to foster loyalty in the mind of kids as they develop an emotional bond with the product and keeps the packaging design in mind. It can also help the brands to boost future sales.

Impacts the Purchase Decision

The use of this placement style can help marketers, as research has shown that kids are one of the most influencing entities. Only in the US, there are 50 million kids who can wield 1.2 trillion in purchase power. These kids can influence the purchase trends as they have a great persuasive power to impact the mind of their parents. Kids usually attracted more towards carefully constructed advertising campaigns, and this is the reason for the imprinting of cartoon characters by the manufacturers on their product packaging.

Accommodate the Promotion

The placement of custom cereal boxes wholesale can help the marketers to elevate the appeal of their products in the mind of consumers. They strategically target the kids for this purpose as the placement of products at this angle can help them to enhance the impact. The cartoon characters printed on the cases have large eyes, and the visual contact of kids with the characters can help the marketers to establish a trusty brand relation with the kids on an average margin of 16% better efficiency.

Enhances Brand Recognition

Cereal Boxes are placed on the lower shelves of the market due to the fact that research has shown the impact of this placement on the mind of kids. This strategically designed placement of items helps the manufacturers to impact the mind of children in the most effective way. It can help them in enhancing brand recognition in the mind of kids in order to develop a better level of loyalty and impact future sales as it also helps in elevating the level of brand recognition for the kids.


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