Top 3 Cultural Cities to Visit in 2020


To travel is to live for a number of regular travelers I observed in all my 6 years traveling experience as yet and it is so pleasing to know. People who travel to explore the cultures are the coolest people in the world according to me. I traveled through more than fifty countries in the world and mostly with the Viriskson Holidays a company encourages to discover the true essence of cultures I experienced. Not it is important to know where to go in 2020 to explore the authentic cultures in the world.

Top Cultural cities to visit in 2020:

There are a number of cultural destinations in the world though, but some in my experience are the craziest and the authentic destinations to visit. Below are the list of those destinations and my experience at those places.

Marrakech, Morocco:

Why Morocco? Because it has something different and unique to host you within 2020. As a traveler, I can say that this holiday destination is the craziest vacation point in the world to make your perfect and lifelong memories. I discovered the red pearl of Morocco last year and this was so amazing cultural place I found. I would say that Morocco is culturally a colorful destination that will introduce you to its every rich shade.

For real cultural experiences, you have to come out of your traditional Riad, which is also a very unique cultural experience. Strolling in the streets of Old Medina in Marrakech would give you a real cultural impact. The walls and the air speaks itself there and it is so historically linked place.

You will find another unique place named Djema el Fna in Marrakech which is a must-visit place in Marrakech. When you will enter the market, you will come to know the importance of your visit. Djema el Fna will color you in its shades and will give you a perfect cultural experience what Morocco in common has to offer you with.

Cultural experience without Food is incomplete. Take the authentic experiences of the traditional Moroccan spices and dishes locally very famous there. Try Lamb Tajine, Harira and Mint tea. The rest of the tastes are there you will discover yourself.

For more experiences, visit the museums and some more historical places in Marrakech. So what is your plan? My suggestion is to get to the place first, I bet you can not take the same pleasures from any other city but yes, you have many other options too. Let’s move to them now.

Istanbul? This should also be pinned in your Diary:

Istanbul will also embrace your visit with a number of cultural activities for travelers. Turkey is a historic holiday destination with the perfect melt of the modern touch. Travelers who visit the place visit multiple times, some of my friends who travels Turkey every year find its cities more dynamic, culturally and historically rich.

Hagia Sophia Museum in Istanbul is waiting for your worthy visit, Basilica Cistern and the Blue Mosque is also worth your visit. The strolling experience in the markets of Istanbul is having literally a very unique experience. And what if you get an opportunity to sit in the café, taking the warm sips of Turkish original coffee and overviewing the historical perspectives of Turkey, wow. I love to be there for such an experience.

Hilton Head, South Carolina, lighthouse at dusk.

Turkish food will also inspire you with its unique nature. Lahmacun and Menemen are recommended to be tested, along with the Turkish mint tea and Turkish coffee gives you a fresh Turkish Feel. So be in Istanbul in your 2020 holidays. Istanbul is looking your way.

Barcelona, Spain- The best choice:

Visiting other Cultural cities can’t undermine a visit to Spain’s most culturally rich city Barcelona. It doesn’t challenge the cultural importance of San Sabetian and other cities of Spain but I have some romance with Barcelona and that I can’t ignore.

The city does have a number of cultural activities, you can start strolling in the streets and explore La Sagrada Familia’s architecture, the Gaudis artwork and take the best shopping experience in the markets. The street food is also a great impression of culture in Spain and you should not miss it. Although you also have to visit the restaurants to take the right traditional tastes over there.

Canelo’s, Faves a la Catalana and so many other traditional Spanish dishes are ready to inspire you and impact your trip full of yummy memories. Don’t miss to take the opportunity to get into the cafes and bars at night. The nightlife in Spain is ideal and travelers take them as an opportunity to boost up their holidays up there.

Here are the top three choices of mine and I hope you will get a lot from it. There are a lot of other traditional and cultural places you may have on your list too. So let’s make this 2020 culturally colorful by our culturally riched trips.


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