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Tips To Take Proper Care Of Human Hair Wigs

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Many people find it hard to use a wig because it does not give the real hair feeling. Buying and wearing hair wigs is easy but taking care is quite a task. Carrying good quality wig for a long time requires good attention.

However, there is a woman who prefers using wigs as per the style. Women’s human hair wigs are getting modern and stylish. They need stylish wigs as per the occasion and hairstyle trends. However, taking care of such wigs is also a task.

Hair system for women and synthetic hair wigs need special care to maintain their optimal look. These wigs are made from human hair or synthetic hair endure intense chemical processing during production. It is important to have a prolonged natural look of the same.

Let us now check on how you must take care of your human hair wigs to keep its natural look alive:

Proper Washing

Before you get under the shower, it is important to remove tangles with fingers or a wide-tooth comb. Start with the ends and move over the roots to avoid damage. Do not brush.

  • While washing, rinse your hair under running cool water. Make sure the water runs from roots.
  • Now place some shampoo if you have color-treated wig hair. Gently stroke it through the hair in a downwards motion.
  • Now rinse by holding the wig under the cool water. Gently squeeze to press out excess water.

Styling and Extensions

One of the benefits of using synthetic wigs is you do not need to spend much time on maintenance. Human hair wigs having synthetic material, you will want to avoid the intense heat. If you love hairstyling, then synthetic hair wigs are the best you can go.

Hydrating Human Hair Wigs

Apart from regular conditioning and washing, daily hydrating is also important. You can hydrate using a leave-in conditioner. Natural hair is kept hydrated with oils from the scalp. However, you cannot do the same with wigs. You need to connect with hair stylish to use the right product for hydration.

  • Using wig head: It is always advised to store the wig on the wig head with bobby or T-pins. This is because you need to keep the wig in good condition for long term. If you throw the wig in the wrong place, it can be very difficult to keep it looking neat.
  • Never use sticky hair care products: Always avoid using sticky hair care products because it can take away the charm of your wig. In case you use hairspray or any other styling product, gently wash it to keep the wig clean.

Some Other Tips And Tricks Human Hair Wigs Care

  • Regular rinsing of wig products and styling is very important.
  • Never rinse with hot water because it will damage the cap.
  • Do not dry on a solid form or mannequin head.
  • Always store the wig on a wig stand to avoid unwanted kinks or crimps.
  • Avoid brushing the hair during wet.


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