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The Best Medical Marijuana Strains for Migraines

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As per search points, there are 60% of individuals suffer from migraines and cluster headache issues. It is unlikely to be considered life-threatening. Normal headache occurs on one side of the head, often around an eye but migraine pain usually occurs both sides of the head and is often light sensitivity and nausea.

Due to increasing this chronic migraine disease, medication research gives you the best solution called marijuana (Cannabis). It is the best solution that effectively affects migraine problems. 

It is because marijuana has a combination of THC and CBD. Both are active compounds that provide with psychoactive therapeutic benefits in relieving pain. 

As per doctors, if patients who suffer from migraines issues take 200mg dose each day of marijuana strains for three months then they significantly experience 50% relief in pain. Now, most you think, from where you can buy marijuana strains then online marijuana dispensary Canada is the right choice. But before buy any strain must consult with your doctor and get the right strain for you. It is because of different strain effects differently on every person. 

Top 10 Marijuana Strains for Migraines:

1. Blue Dream:

As you know, marijuana has three types such as Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa. Blue Dream is considered as a perfect hybrid type of marijuana. This strain offers a myriad of strong effects because it contains a higher amount of THC its nearby 20 to 30%. And THC is a psychoactive compound that helps relief from migraine pain. Moreover, if you take it day time then it will act fast with no-side effects. 

2. Sour Diesel:

It is also the best medication for migraine pain relief. It is a type of strain that is not easy to grow but it gives the best and most effective head-numbing effect. This marijuana strain has remarkable pain-relieving qualities as well as the highest THC property. Moreover, sour diesel help migraine patient to stay focus and active throughout the day. 

3. Purple Haze:

Purple Haze is a Sativa dominant hybrid. It is known for its high-energy boost of euphoria to users. This marijuana strain is a very potent weapon against painful migraines. It has high THC and 30% CBD compound that combine make a balance for treating headaches. For getting the best and effective results, you can smoke it.

4. Lavender:

It is another type of marijuana strain that especially useful to treat chronic migraines and headaches such as Lavender. It has a spicy, floral taste like earthy and gives a deep-relaxing effect in the mind. It brings clamming sensation and soothes the body or headache issues. Moreover, continue the use of lavender permanently relieves you from migraine problems. 

5. Lemon Kush:

It is also one of the best hybrid marijuana strains that most people use to treat chronic headaches. Smoking Lemon Kush medical cannabis is the quickest way to migraine relief. This strain has a high content of Limonene terpenes and due to this its taste is very delicious like citrus flavor. It has 25% THC that help you to stay focus and relief from pain throughout the day. 

6. Green Crack:

Green crack is a Sativa type of marijuana strain. As per doctors, People who suffer from folk migraine issues, Green Crack is one of the best weed strains. It is very fast-acting and immediate hitting affects so; you must take its dose by consulting with a doctor. Moreover, sometimes over dose is harmful to health. 

6. Blue Cheese:

Blue Cheese is another one of the best marijuana pro-active strain. It is a favorite among most of the consumers for fighting against headache. It provides a sense of pain relief without any lost focus as well as the ability to relax one’s body without reducing much energy. The best part about Blue Cheese is that it grows quickly.

7. Kryptonite:

Another one of the best marijuana Indica strain Kryptonite that is used to treat chronic migraine and headaches. It is one of the stronger strains that contain 25% of THC. Generally, this strain is used for creating strong medicine for serious injuries and painful treatments. If you are smoking this strain then it gives you the best results but also take you high. 

8. Northern lights:

Northern light is also one of the best Sativa marijuana strains that effectively effect on migraine problems. Taking a regular dose of this strain feel you relax and keep calm throughout the day. The best part of this strain is that it easily grows at home or other valley areas. Moreover, it is also beneficial for other heart and cancer treatment.


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