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Scars and all about them!


One of the most seamless organs which is just as if a fine cloth that protects our valuable assets is called Skin. Let’s take an example of the fabric silk, in case this piece of cloth is torn, it would make a huge difference in how it looks, likewise if your skin is burnt, injured or goes through any trauma or surgery, it could cause a scar.

When a scar is small and is in a place where you can hide it or even conceal it, it is less of a concern. But when it is not like that one wonders if they could ever get rid of it and if there are any methods or medicines to get rid of it. One is constantly looking for best scar cream for face, skin or body.

How Scarring happens:

The natural healing process that takes place after an injury is basically scarring. The appearance and the treatment of a scar would depend upon several factors like the size, depth and location of this injury. Other thing that matters apart from these are more thing that matters apart from these are age, your genes, and sex.

Different types of Scars

  1. Contracture Scar: In case of a burn, the scar could be contracture scar. Scars like these usually tighten the skin so much that it makes the movement very difficult and the scar could go so deep that it could affect your muscles and also nerves.
  2. Keloid Scar: An aggressive healing could cause a scar. These scars go way beyond the injury and tend to disturb your movement. These are very common with dark skin people.
  3. Hypertrophic scar: When a scar that is raised and is red, very similar to the keloids but these scars don’t go beyond the injuries boundary. The treatment could include steroids or even silicon sheets that could reduce the inflammation or even flatten it.
  4. Acne scar: In case you have ever had a scar an acne scar is something that you would know very well. Acne scars may be deep pits to even scars that could be wavelike. The treatment for a type of scar depends upon the acne one has.

Different Treatments

  1. Creams, ointments or gels: Several creams and ointments are available that could be used to treat scars from cuts or wounds. If the scar is due a plastic surgery that one may have undergone them also some over the counter ointments are present that could help you. Severe acne could also be cured by creams such as no scars. The no scars cream uses Hydroquinone as the main tropical ingredient for melanin production. Scars from pregnancy or pigmentation are also common and these creams and ointments are usually preferred for treating them.
  2. Surgery/Treatment: Some deep scars can also be cured by the way of surgery or treatment. These could be dermabrasions, lasers and several others. A very common reason for going through surgery could be when the scar is caused by burns.

Injections: For scars that are sticking out of your skin, like in keloids or even hypertrophic scar, the doctor could prescribe an injection and in certain cases also for beautifications.


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