Reasons Behind Cheating a Girl Friend


The relationship between a boy and a girl is romantic. Both individuals plan to take this relation long term or even till death. But very soon, their relation turned into breakup and they go far away to each other. Mostly girls complain that ‘my boyfriend cheated on me. In this article we will try to discuss the reason why boys cheat their girlfriend:

Boyfriends Cheat because they want out of the relationship:

Mostly boys, fad up by the sticky girls. They think that she would be changed after some days. Boys like the girls but their sticky nature lets them go away from her. Boys want to come out of every time relation with the girl. So, they cheat the girls instead of excuses to let them alone. 

Boyfriends Cheat because their Relationship Goals are Different:

There is a category of boys who like to talk every time about a relationship. They make promises, plans and get the trust of their girlfriend. similarly, some boys do it in other directions. they are also excited about a relationship. they take the trust of their girlfriend. but their relationship only about sexual relationships and nothing more. So, the boys cheat because their relationship was not the goal, it was just the relation of sex. 

Boyfriends Cheat because they aren’t strong enough to resist the temptation:

Boyfriends are not always a cheater. Sometimes the girl’s side is the only reason. Some girls are so advance and broad-minded that they stimulate their boyfriends for sexual relations, but as boys have not to mind it, so they started to cheat their girlfriend. 

Boyfriends cheat because of the influences around them:

Boys are mostly sincere and determined to make the relationship long, but due to some matters around them make them a force to leave the relation, especially boy’s parents are the main reason for the breakup. So mostly boys cheat their girlfriend due to influences around them.  

Boyfriends cheat because they got away with it before:

Mostly boyfriend cheat because they are habitual of it. They cheat once, twice and so on. It is easier for them to say ‘yes’ and difficult to say ‘No’. if a boy has been cheated you once before, it would be possible that he would cheat you again.

Boyfriends cheat because of immaturity: 

Mostly boys cheat their girlfriends because they are not much experienced in keeping relationships long. They do not have manners about how to treat their partner. Boys thought that a relationship with a girl is just all about sex. due to immaturity, lack of confidence and to hide their embarrassment, they cheat the girlfriend. In the end, girls become sad and ask a question to their selves why “my boyfriend cheated on me”?

Boyfriends cheat because of Selfishness:

Now a day, Selfishness is the major issue to cheat anyone. Most of the boyfriend cheat their girlfriend just because of selfishness. Mostly, boys set a target and to get it, they play a game with the feelings and emotions of their girlfriend. It is a probability that their greed is to get money or having sex with the girlfriend by using Viagra (비아그라 판매) or kratom. Boys keep telling a lie and take the trust of their girlfriend till they achieved the goal. 

Boyfriends cheat because of Anger or revenge:

Boys can cheat their girlfriend just to take revenge. Maybe he is angry directly with her or with her relations. In this situation, the boy does not seem to be a cheater but the boy wants her parents to know about it. So, most girls say that my boyfriend cheated on me just because of revenge. 


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