Qualifications to have in a construction delay expert


Whenever one talks about construction projects, whether they are mega building sites or small construction sites, a large portion of litigation claims is due to delays in the work schedule. Delays in construction projects are inevitable and require immediate involvement of experts to resolve the issue without getting out of hands.

The trend of opting fordelay experts to seek professional assistance is often high in areas, rapidly welcoming mega-infrastructure and businesses such as in the UAE. People definitely want to construct building sites in Dubai because of their feasible construction plans, and the potential business offers in-store. Thus, to safely carry out the process, building owners keep construction claims consults and delay experts on their speed-dials.

It is a quite good practice to have a set of experts to rely upon but make sure not to fall into the hands of amateurs and inexperienced individuals who claim to be the experts. Thus, this article aims to detail the must-have qualifications a delay expert should have.

Must-have things for an expert opinion

Delay experts are called upon when to determine the causes and intensity of an incurred delay. The more experienced and well-known expert is more likely is he able to predict the actual reason for the delay and its type.

Hence, here are the top three qualifications a delay expert should possess.

1.      Skills over degree

There are no formal training or degree programs for teaching scheduling and delay analysis. No set courses are established to provide knowledge, skills, expertise, and training to qualify as an expert delay witness to provide acknowledged testimony.

However, there are some schools that prepare experts by making them solve the common real-life disputes and delay issues in construction. But no matter what, while hiring a delay expert; make sure to check the accredited experience of a person along with proof of industries he has served in this regard.

Prioritize their skills and experience over a degree.

2.      Know-how about industry standards

A significant problem that occurs in determining the qualification of a delay expert is that there is no precise and specified standard of care. Unlike the standards set for a surgeon or an attorney, delay experts of construction projects don’t have an industry-wide established standard.

Just because an individual is licensed as an engineer or architect, it doesn’t mean he is an expert in delay. Thus the only criteria to analyze his scheduling and delay experience is to know about his knowledge about industry standards.

3.      Credibility

Last but not least, the credibility of an expert is going to matter a lot. As a delay expert, a person is going to provide an extensive analysis of construction delay and its resulting damages. The expert is supposed to offer an opinion about the existence of delay, and the damage resulted from the delay.

Moreover, he is also responsible for determining the number of damages reported by the plaintiff based on his delay report in which skills and credibility are going to matter.


It is concluded that the role of delay experts in construction projects is quite evident and leads to resolving issues much sooner than expected. However, an incompetent person who claims to be an expert can immensely complicate the process by misinterpreting information and looting money in the name of a faulty generalization of the process.

Thus, ensure taking into account all the discussed qualifications while trusting someone with a delay analysis of your construction process. It is better to opt for delay experts who are associated with top construction claims consultants firm as they’d be reliable and would have all the expected qualifications.

As based on these qualifications, one can certainly ensure a much reliable delay analysis of his construction project!


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