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There are great hair days. And then there are times when Hot Damn, your hair has nevermore looked this asset in your entire life. The main distinction between the two is that the latter typically happens because you had acknowledged handling things — like when you perceive a blowout after a trim, or when your cousin anyhow captures that elegant Instagram hairstylist for her wedding.

Besides having the advantage of the full range of movement of their arms (if you’ve ever tried to French braid your hair, you know what we mean), there are few sneaky-yet-genius methods that pro hairstylists do to get your curls springier, your curls bouncier, and your updo a complete lot more secure.

Luckily, at Allure, we’ve contributed 27 years interviewing the best experts in the business. In honor of our first-ever Hair Guide effect, we’re offering the 25 most useful hair care tips our editors have learned from the hairstylists who produce the most cooling waves, best blowouts, and most beautiful curls on the pages of your favorite publications and the heads of your preferred celebs.

  • A superfine mist of liquid from a spray bottle can release curls without fully rewetting the hair, and it air-dries in moments. — Kristin Ess
  • While blow-drying, make hair cool before using it off the brush. Everyone promotes it along, and it’s why their hair falls, or curls don’t satisfy. — Lacy Redway
  • To stop a texturizing or surf spray from using hair dull, mix it with some drops of oil in your palm, and then shoot it into the hair. — Mark Townsend
  • For free waves, use the iron’s clip to pull hair smooth at the roots, then cover the length of the hair vertically throughout the metal, giving the ends out. — Justine Marjan
  • It’s not the most luxurious look ever, but get a silk bonnet to wear while you rest. It’ll protect any style overnight. — Ess
  • To flatten the back of your hair, brush it front (over your shoulders) as you wipe it — producing tension at the roots with your brush drains the hair straight. — Jen Atkin
  • To revive curls, use a hair dryer on the relaxed setting: Blast dry hair from front to side, turning it with your fingers to make curls back to life. — Vernon François
  • It’s hard to believe of cutting thinning hair — if you’re missing yours, you don’t need to give any up — but providing two inches does it look fuller. — Nunzio Saviano
  • Good hair holds color longer, so do weekly long-conditioning treatments to keep your active and shiny. — James Corbett
  • For bulk, blow-dry the origins first, raising them with your fingers. When you begin with the lengths, you draw down on wet roots, smoothing them out. — Harry Josh
  • Segment curly hair into four twists in the rain and smooth shampoo on top of each one and your hair won’t become tangled when you clean it. — François
  • For a silky pony, tilt your head back 45 degrees and assume your hair with a combined-bristle brush. The more points, the softer your hair will be. — Josh
  • If you’ve transitioned to normal texture, it’s so essential to keep hair moisturized. Use a leave-in conditioner after every individual shower. — Redway
  • For the most suitable bouncy volume, use dry shampoo (from roots to ends) before mattress, and sleep with your hair in a roll for the lasting amount the next day. — Ess
  • If your hair is expanding or lacks volume, combining highlights can increase the cuticle, providing the appearance of more hair. — Corbett
  • Applying your wand from perpendicular to horizontal when curling will provide you a softer wave. — Josh
  • If you only do co-wash, your hair could become limper. Cleanse your scalp with a scrub everyone in a while to take off lifeless skin cells. — François
  • For a subtle blend that’s equal to a round-brush blowout, curl your hair with a large two-inch curling iron, and arranged the hair with clips for 10 to 30 minutes. — Ess
  • When you’re not positive what to do with your hair, leave it on the side. It shows the undersides, which generally look healthier and shinier than the head layers. — Garren
  • If you need your blowout to last, hair requires to be 100 percent dry, or it’ll frizz and die. So feel around for wet spots and dry them. — Nathaniel Hawkins

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