Planning To Buy a Luxurious Property on Croatian Island?


If you are planning to invest in a luxurious property, you should fix your budget and start looking for the best one in that range. And, whenever a person is looking for a luxurious property, privacy is one of the primary concerns. Going to an island in Croatia will be a good idea.

Here is everything that you need to know about Croatia property before you make up your mind to finally own a luxurious one in it:-

In terms of connectivity, it is a good place to go for as reaching the nearest airport is just a matter of almost an hour.

It is built in the uninhabited part on the south of the Island of Brac by the sea to ensure that the privacy of the visitors is maintained. This project has combined a group of plots in an urban planning way. However, the planning ensures that enough space is available to give the luxuries and privacy to each plot. Since it is spread over an area of 105,000m2, you can imagine the spacious design of these plots.

One project is available at present, and three water tanks have already been installed. Besides this, a large portion of the wall of dry stone has already been built.

This place is being constructed, keeping the aspect of greenery in mind. Six hundred fifty olive trees have already been planted on the plot while the preparation for plotting 350 olive trees has already been made. So, you will surely get enough greenery and fresh air if you are living in one of these villas.

The villa has a basement and a ground floor with a living area of 500 square meters. Besides this, there is a sewage-disposal tank and a set up for rainwater harvesting already in place. Thus, the place has been created keeping energy conservation in mind so that the pollution caused is minimum.

The actual plot of land is just by the sea, but the villas are created 80m away from the coastal line to ensure safety.

Since the centre of the town is almost 10km away, you will get enough privacy in this place.

The land area can be directly accessed by cars with six car parking spaces in it. This adds to the utility value of the plots and makes it convenient for both the people staying in it and the visitors to the plot as well.

The government has taken the construction permit and is being carried out legally. However, to follow good practice, you should always ask your lawyer to check these things so that you can buy the plot peacefully.

We have listed down everything that you need to know about these villas. So, if you are planning to lead a luxurious lifestyle and want to buy a luxurious villa, this is a good option that you can go for. Just make sure that you take the help of a real estate expert and a lawyer while finalizing all the things.


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