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After a long summer vacation with a funny trips for a year of hard working  or a long holiday or winter break, we must back to school. Each country will have different time to return at schools. For example, in Australia, the start of a new semester  is at the end of January and the end until mid-December or Asian countries such as Vietnam will enter around August to September and end the study in May next year. Even if each country has a different enrollment period, preparing for the first day of school is always an interesting thing even though we have started it many times. Meeting new friends or friends we didn’t contact during the holidays, meeting teachers is a lot of fun.

Usually we will have a week before going to school to prepare everything for the start day like books, shoes, school supplies and indispensable clothing. We will go shopping, choose the things we like. Back to school is the day we meet again friends and teachers, so the issue of dress will be a top priority of interest. Choosing a comfortable  and impressing outfit will help you a lot not only in the day you return to school but also the following days. Your first day outfits will also show people your style and understanding of fashion , through it they can know a small part of your personality too.

A favorite t-shirt with  jeans for a boy  or with  tennis skirts for girls will be a pretty choice when you back to school .

There are many types of T-shirts with the colors you want. From simple to colorful, or the school of art you pursue as hippie …

Here are some suggestions from our store, hopefully it will give you more choices about the shirt you wear on the day back to school.

1. Tiny Rick’s School T-shirt

Life is too short to wear boring clothes. Life is an interesting experience around us. Therefore, wearing a suitable outfit will contribute significantly to the purpose of raising our good mood every day. In the fashion village, there are many styles such as gala style, classic style or gothic style ,that are very popular in Japan, …. But perhaps the minimalist style will be a style that is easy to match but still suitable for all jobs.

As its definition, minimalist style is the kind of clothing that you can find anywhere, from your neighborhood stores to big fashion brands. These are items  you musthave in your locker. With the design does not focus fussy, easy to coordinate map will help you not take too much time thinking when starting a new day but wearing what is suits.

A T-shirt we mentioned is a simple designed  with the image of a doctor thinking by an interesting way  and basic black color. We hope this shirt will give you comfort and confidence when striding in the school corridor on the day you return to school.

2. 100th Day Of School

Another basic T-shirt for you. If you don’t like the printed shirt, what about a lot of tiles? Tiles are arranged in an orderly and beautiful way. If you look a little further, count all the number of lines that are 100. Same as the highest score in your school’s scale. Who knows, when you wear this shirt to school, you may  get 100 points from the teacher. Get them and enjoy the first day back to school!

Have you decided a T-shirt you wear on the day you back to school? We hope that after seeing the  samples , we will help you in choosing it. Back to school may be a memorable day in your school life when you wear a suitable, comfortable outfit, meet your friends and teachers, spend a fun day at school. No matter how you choose your outfit, prioritize comfort, which is great for your taste. Wishing you a happy return to school. Sincerly thank!

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