Need To Know About Italian Lottery Dream – SuperEnaLotto


The Italian lottery EnaLotto was launched way back in the 1950s and SuperEnalotto is an extension of it. It is one of the oldest lotteries of Europe and also the cheapest ones to play. You would need only INR 90 to play two lines until a few years back.

How to Play SuperEnalotto?

It’s very easy to play SuperEnalotto as it’s quite similar to the other big lottery games. However, here you have a kicker too. To participate in SuperEnalotto, you have to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 90. If your picked numbers match the drawn numbers, you win a jackpot.

In case you miss out on the jackpot by a single number, then you get another chance of winning when an additional number called the “Jolly” number is drawn from the leftover number pool. If your sixth number matches this jolly number, you still get the second prize. The best thing is that the odds of this second prize improve drastically. For jackpot, it’s 1 in 622 million, whereas for the second prize they stand at 1 in 104 million.

To make things further interesting for the players, there is also an option of Superstar Number. You need to buy it separately, but it improves the odds of winning a prize significantly, including the jackpot prize. Though the winning odds in SuperEnalotto are very slim, the same can be improved by playing more tickets, playing in a syndicate etc.

Jackpot in SuperEnalotto

There is no rollover cap in SuperEnalotto, which means it can keep rolling on until there’s a winner. The last massive jackpot win happened in August this year with the winner being eligible for INR 1985.5 crore prize. This amount is astronomical by any sense and this motivates people to participate in SuperEnalotto, the draw of which happens thrice a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in Rome. However, you don’t need to be present in Rome to know the today lottery result or today jackpot result. They are posted online within an hour.

Where to Buy SuperEnalotto Tickets?

You can play this lottery both online and by buying a physical ticket. However, to buy a physical ticket, you need to be physically present in Italy, either as a resident or a tourist, which can’t be feasible in all cases. The physical tickets are very cheap, but then they lack the convenience and level of security that online playing provides.

SuperEnalotto is available online to everyone through portals like Lottoland. Lottoland, as we know, is a world leader when it comes to offering all the international lottery and casino games. Till date, it has helped many people realize their dreams of becoming rich through its portal. To win the last tier prize, which is approximately INR 475, only two numbers need to match and odds are also not bad standing at 1 in 21. The best part of playing SuperEnalotto online is that the winning amount gets credited instantly and thus one can use that to fund the next games.

These are some of the important things you need to know about the Italian Lottery Dream – SuperEnaLotto.


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