ISO 14001 Certification - Establishing Standards For Businesses To Protect And Safeguard Environment

ISO 14001 Certification – Establishing Standards For Businesses To Protect And Safeguard Environment


Business organizations have to continuously adapt themselves with the changing times. A business organization has to make sure they follow all the safety norms and standards which have been specified by certain nationally and internationally established standard creating committee.

Business organizations have to follow certain safety norms which protect themselves and the general public from any kind of environmental damage. ISO 14001 is one such globally accepted standard which necessitates all business organizations to protect and save their environment. Moreover, the business organization must adopt such environment safety norms by changing their production and distribution process. The standard specifies norms and rules which an organization must follow which helps in protection of environment and also reduces any chance of further damage.

ISO 14001 Certification Process involves certain steps like acceptance and establishment of necessary environmental safety norms and procedures, establishment of safe work standards, timely specification of activities the organization is undertaking to protect the environment and other activities. This process requires completion of all the steps and submission or necessary documents which necessitates lot of time and spending.

An organization can therefore hire the help of special ISO certification consultancy firms which can help the business organizations in adoption of the ISO 14001 certification. The consultancy firms hire and appoint professional consultants who provide their help at every step of receiving certification from the international standards organization or ISO. They help with the following:

  • Understanding the gaps within the organization:

The consultancy firms help a business organization by making them understand the gaps in their working which are acting as obstruction for obtaining in obtaining the certification.

  • Submission of necessary documents like environmental safety norms, improvement in working standard and regulatory forms with the regulatory bodies.
  • Conducting pre assessment and post assessment tests/analysis:

Certification consultants help business organizations by conducting pre assessment and post assessment tests and analysis. The analysis brings forth the necessary work norms the organization has fulfilled and envisages to fulfill in the future which in turn improves their market credibility and overall market awareness.

A business organization upon receiving accreditation and certification can enjoy following benefits:

  • time and cost saving as improved production standards and activities help save the environment and thus reducing their compliance charges.
  • Improvement in brand image and better market visibility upon receiving accreditation and ISO 14001 certification.
  • Reduction in pollution level which in turn reduces the cost of penalties imposed by government and other regulatory bodies.

Obtaining ISO 14001 Certification in India becomes easy and profitable for business organizations upon employing the services of consultancy firms. Professional and well qualified consultants are appointed to help the business organization at every step of receiving certification. They even help after the certification has been received by ensuring all the safety standards have been established and are being improved with the passage of time. The consultants provide detailed analysis and audit reports which help expedite the process of receiving certification and accreditation. They even visit the actual production centre in order to determine whether or not the organization is actually following the environmental safety norms.


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