Is People Analytics the future of HR in India?


Human resource professionals are getting their due recognition in India as well. The country, where to date the role of an HR was limited to hiring and firing, is waking up to the importance of people analytics and is actively seeking talent management professionals to lead the organization to the designated success.

The trend is catching up fast if the reports by LinkedIn are to believed. The report by LinkedIn shows a shift in the thought process of HR professionals in India. The report threw light on the changing trends and stated that about 92% of talent management professionals in the country opine that People Analytics will definitely pave the way for the promising future of HR and recruiting. The annual report in its 10th edition and is called LinkedIn Global Talent Trends 2020 also shared about 95% of talent management professionals also opined that employee experience will be another key trend that will shape the HR future in India in 2020.

According to this year’s Global Talent Trends report the focus will be on organizations are realizing the importance of empathy while hiring and retaining top talent. The report believed that organizations were striving to work harder than ever before – in the light of ever going and intensifying war for talent – to not only understand the employees but also to ensure serve them better.

Serving employees mean catering to their individual needs both in professional (continuous learning, feedback, appreciation, and all the other benefits), and personal (work-life balance, flexitime, remote working options among other benefits).

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned factors, the report revealed that in 2020 four major trends will shape the HR future both in India and globally. The trends include

  1. Employee Experience: Talent management professionals globally have realized the significance of employee experience and believe that is the key factor in attracting and retaining the top talent in your organization. While the percent of professionals in India is less as compared to globally who believe that employee experience is crucial. In India, about 77% of talent management professionals said they are focused on employee experience as compared to 96% of HR leaders who believe in the prime importance of employee experience.
  2. People Analytics: Using data to their advantage is another key trend and future for HR professionals both in India and globally. Interestingly, about 92% of talent professionals in India believe that people analytics will play a crucial in the future as compared to 85% of talent management professionals globally.
  3. Internal Recruiting: The HR professionals in India are ahead here as well in comparison to their global counterparts, as about 96% of talent management professionals feel that internal recruiting is the major key to improve retention. Compare it with global trends at about 81%, talent professionals believe in the importance of internal recruitment and are taking steps to ensure that there are enough programs to groom the talent within the organization. 
  4. Multi-generational Workforce: As organizations are opening their doors to diversity and inclusivity the workforce comprises employees from baby boomers to millennials to Gen Z all with different needs, and priorities.

For an HR professional, none of these terms are new, however, what will change this year how you treat each one separately and interrelate them with each other to achieve the desired success and goals for your organization.


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