Spots or Stains on Our Rugs

How We Remove Spots or Stains on Our Rugs?

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A complete rug cleaning process consists of 8 steps which are listed below:

  • Initial-Assessment

A technician from a certified rug cleaning company is sent on the customer demand at his residence to visually inspect the overall condition of the rug. Evaluation of expected results has given on the identification basis of permanent stains.

  • Turbine-Vacuuming

Bonded dry soil over the rug surface will be removed via thoroughly vacuuming with a particular Turbine Vacuum System. This is one of the most essential steps in cleaning.

  • Furniture-Displacement

The tables, sofas, and chairs will be moved carefully. Disposable tabs and blocks are used for furniture protection purposes.

  • Pre-Atomization

For more deep cleaning, a preconditioning agent is applied to general spots and break down traffic area soil.

  • Chemical Treatment

Special solutions are used for pre-treatment of difficult spots to increase possibilities of removal

  • Initial Grooming

To loosen the soil further, a verified rug groomer is executed.

  • Debris Extraction

A powerful extraction cleaning system is implemented to rinse the rug completely. This action will not leave even a single sticky residue behind and the rug will not be over-wet in this step.

  • Ph Maintenance

The rug is neutralized by balancing its ph value and again this will ensure to remove sticky residue left behind if any.

  • Deep Cleaning

Special spotting solutions are utilized to make sure any stains/spots still remaining will be cleaned out totally. It is the responsibility of the customer to be sure about the protection of rug by applying professional rug protectors. This is essential for rug long lifespan and fewer permanent spots.

  • Re-Grooming

  It helps the rug pile to dry in the right direction and speedily.

  • Rapid Drying

The drying process becomes faster when high-velocity air movers are placed during the whole rug cleaning procedure.

  • Final Evaluation

A technician inspects the final cleaning results according to customer satisfaction in detail.


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