How to recover Google Account on iPhone


Gmail the most popular webmail service provided by Google without charging a single penny. There are many people who use Gmail for many reasons.

People often forget the password of Google account while using iPhone, if you are one then read on to know the account recovery process of google account in the iPhone.

Google Account Recovery Process on iPhone
Open the internet on iPhone and visit the website of Gmail, you can use any web browser for this purpose.]

Go to the sign-in page and enter the phone number or email address, click next.

On the next page click Forgot Password?

Enter the last password you enter to log in to your account, click Try Another Way.

If you have access to the recovery email address then click on that option and click on the Send button.

If you don’t have access to that email, click Try Another Way or if no recovery email is set up at your account then Google will automatically skip this step.

Google will send the recovery code at the phone number which is linked to that account if you don’t have access then click on Try Another Method.

Google will ask you some security questions and to which you need to give the right answer.

After recovery of the Google or Gmail account create a new password and confirm the new password.

Click on the Change Password button to complete the account recovery process.

By following the whole of the Google account recovery procedure which is mentioned above a user will be able to recover the account, for further enquiry, you contact the customer support of iPhone or Gmail for getting more information about the account recovery.


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