How To Protect Your Appliances From Summer Heat

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The summer heat can do a number on both your health and your appliances. It’s already a challenge to keep yourself cool but maintaining your appliances during this time can be a feat in itself. High temperatures can cause your appliances to work harder. In the meantime, humidity can contribute to the function of various electronics as well. It’s important to protect your appliances from heat in order to maintain their integrity. Here’s how you can keep an eye on your appliances this summer.

Air Conditioning

If you live in a tropical country, your air conditioning is probably the most important appliance. You can opt to conserve energy most of the time but there are some days that will really test your endurance against the heat. As you use it throughout the hottest days of the year, it could potentially break with heavy abuse. First, you need to understand how an air conditioning unit works. This unit works by removing excess moisture from the air aside from cooling your rooms. This means that on a humid day, the unit has to work harder. This can strain the system in your air conditioning and will make it work inefficiently. If it works too hard, it can even shut off suddenly or break. An easy way to get round this is to set up various dehumidifiers. You can use appliances and attachments to help out the air conditioning. This way, the unit can focus on cooling rather than dehumidifying. 

If you haven’t cleaned your unit in a while, you should consider doing it now. Keeping the air conditioning unit clean can go a long way. Filters and condenser coils that are clean work much better and smoother. Take advantage of the services bundled with your unit. These professionals can make a thorough assessment of your system to avoid any breakdowns in the future.


During the summer, your fridge can also work double time. Maintaining your refrigerator starts with you and how you treat it. Don’t position the fridge too close to the walls. The condenser coils need proper circulation. If it’s too close, the heat will eventually build up and cause the unit to overheat. Another habit you can change to keep the fridge running smoothly is to make sure that you don’t overfill it and keep it clean. This applies to both the refrigerator and freezer. Make sure that food items are properly organized. This will help you allocate space and help clean it up properly. 

For cleaning, wiping a soap and water solution on the inner fridge walls will do the trick. Any heavy stains and dirt can be removed with a gentle nylon brush with a bit of pressure. You’ll immediately notice a smoother performance during the hot summer months. 


Computers have multiple parts that run simultaneously. For a personal computer, your tower and monitor can be vulnerable during the summer. If you can, avoid over using these during the summer. However, you can purchase upgrades to keep the internals cool. Older computer units degrade over time, these tend to be hotter than updated items. If you haven’t upgraded your pc yet, be sure to be careful. For the laptop, overusing it for hours can damage the unit as well. Unplug the battery if it’s possible and limit your usage. Having a cooling fan for your laptop will help out with the heat.


Gadgets in general will be okay during the summer, however, strong sunlight can deteriorate the screen. Start by moving placing these items away from direct sunlight. The same should be done for computers and televisions as prolonged exposure can also damage the inner circuitry. If you have a habit of leaving gadgets in the car, avoid doing that. A hot car is a recipe for disaster and the heat inside can amplify the damage. Keeping the items under a towel and case will help protect it temporarily. Transitioning from extreme temperatures can harm your device also. Before moving devices to a different area, allow it to cool down first before taking them out. 

Compressing gadgets together while in use or charging can increase the internal temperature. Make sure that your items have enough air circulating around them to prevent it from overheating. These gadgets and electronics should be properly ventilated to ensure that it works properly. If you can, having these items maintained can help identify any latent problems should you encounter it. 

Key Takeaway

Protect your appliances from heat by properly maintaining them. During the summer, they’re most sensitive to temperature changes. You can potentially damage your items if you misuse them. Proper cleaning and maintenance is better than last minute repairs. These simple yet effective tips will help you run your appliances smoothly all year. 


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