How TO get the best hardwood floors for your property

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Choosing the type of flooring for your house is the most crucial decision a homeowner needs to make during a renovation. There are a lot of options to go to, ranging from carpeting your floors to ceramic tiles and hardwood flooring. 

We know all the luxury and comfortable homes have hardwood floors. They make your house look posh and chic. There is a whole range of colors and materials in hardwood, that is why it makes for the best flooring options. There can be a range of factors that can impact the aesthetics and performance of the hardwood floors.

There are two steps in getting the best hardwood for your residence. The first, you need to choose a material, and then comes the installation. Most homeowners and we included opt for hiring the best hardwood flooring companies near Portland OR for installing your hardwood floors, but first, we have to choose a hardwood flooring.

Engineered Or Solid Flooring

Hardwood flooring is in thick planks of solid timber. You can easily find solid hardwood, but engineered hardwood is gaining a lot of popularity among the people. The engineered hardwood plank consists of a thin layer of hardwood on the top visible surface and bonded to other layers to keep the planks from shifting during expansion or contraction.

Every hardwood moves, but with the engineered option, the wood stays in place and prevents extra motion. If you are thinking of flooring the basement, then engineered hardwood is a better option as it can take lesser height space than solid wood and provides better soundproofing. Engineered floors are thin so they cannot be sanded or refinished in the future. So, if you think you would need frequent sanding, then opt for solid wood.

Finishing Types

There are a lot of finishing products to choose from for your hardwood floors. From oil hybrids to prefinished UV-cured urethane finishes. But they all fall into two main categories: polyurethane or oil!

Oil type finished penetrates the wood and gives it a soft and natural look. It isn’t resistant to stains and damage as compared to polyurethane and scratches easier. It requires more low-cost maintenance than polyurethane. With polyurethane, you need to replace the whole board or recoat the complete section of the floor.

Site Finish OR Prefinished

Hardwood planks can be purchased with a raw face that can be finished after the installation. Or you can also buy the ones that come prefinished as they are stained and top coated. The benefit of prefinished wood is that there are no surprises. You are buying what you see, from the color palette to other design elements. 

Prefinished flooring also takes lesser time to be installed as there is no need to apply sealant or color. Whereas the onsite finishing depends on the skill of the flooring contractor you have hired. The onsite finish gives you a higher level of customization and more control. You can play with all the small details you like, which is not possible in prefinished floors.

The only back draw is, if you hired an unskilled contractor for your hardwood floor installation, then your floors will not be as exquisite as you thought them to be! So, make sure to hire the best one in your vicinity if you want onsite finishing.

Wood Type

In Portland OR oak wood is the king! It is a very durable wood that stains very well. It has an appealing grain and widely available. Walnut is also an option as it is softer than oak, but its deep color makes it ideal for rooms where darker finishing is required. The color and grain matter and is up to personal preference.


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