How to change iCloud password on iPhone device?


iCloud is the Apple service which helps the users to access their data remotely. When a user uploads the important data of the iPhone on the cloud and wants to use it, it can be used as per requirement. In order to access the iCloud account, the basic requirements are Apple ID and password.

Change iCloud password

When a user is uploading data on the cloud, it should be secured. To keep the data secure and away from data theft, its password should be changed on a regular basis. The change of password is done for the purpose of security. To change the password on an iPhone, the user can follow the steps mentioned below:

Initially open the Settings in iPhone.

Then, scroll down the page to Passwords & Accounts and select it.

In the next step, select the iCloud option under Accounts.

Tap the option of Password & Security to proceed further with the change of password.

After that, select the Change password. The password should meet the given parameters.

Then, enter the password twice to confirm.

Select the Change option to save the changes.

Finally, the account will be signed-out and the user needs to sign-in with the new password.

This is all about iCloud change password on iPhone.

For more help, the user can contact the technical support of Apple. The support executive will provide assistance for all kinds of Apple related queries and issues


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