How to Bake Bread Without a Loaf Pan?

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Are you thinking of preparing bread without a loaf pan? Then you no need to worry. There are a lot of ways to prepare delicious homemade bread using the utensils you already have in a kitchen.

When it comes to preparing bread, you don’t always need a loaf pan to get a well-shaped bread. There are plenty of recipes to bake bread. If you have a good skill set, you can still bake bread very well at your home without a loaf pan. 

Read the following article to know more about how to bake bread without a loaf pan.

Here are some of the tips/hakes to bake the bread without a loaf pan.

1. Boule

Use a large position of the dough for this one. Beat the dough down in the shape of the boule, then work around the edges and fold them toward the centre of the boule. Then flip the dough and insert the dough inside tightly. Place the dough on the baking sheet and cover the dough all-over with the proving, before baking.

2. The plaited bread

To make a plaited bread first, you divide your dough into three equal positions—Rolle out each position into a rod-shaped. Pinch the dough together at one end and spread them on the table or the bench. Then firmly plait them together, the plaiting method should be right over the centre and leftover the centre, repeat this until you reach the end of the dough and again pinch the end of the dough together and roll it over.

Place the dough on the baking sheet and cover the dough all-over with the proving, before baking.

3. Roll/ Bread roll

It is also called baguettes which is long and skinny bread, which does not make out the loaf pan, but hands always roll it. It is easy and quicker to prepare than any other.

Take the dough and place it on the plain surface and start forming a round ball and push the dough bank and forth, the dough should get longer and thinner as you roll. Keep the dough in the uniform size and shape them by moving your hands up and down, left and right until you get a nice shape.

4. Use Alternatives

You can make use of any other baking pans (for example, cake pan, sheet pan, etc.) before rushing to get a new one. You can arrange the dough in any shape that you need and make sure that they’re neat all together and keep it for baking.


Loaf pans are useful when you want to bake bread. They give you the uniform shape which looks like you are very familiar to bake in the loaf pans.

Anyhow, you can still bake the bread without a loaf pan. If you are not used to baking in a loaf pan, you can use any other banking pan. Of course, you need to adjust the temperature and the banking time, depending on the size of the utensil.


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