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Here’s How to Check your Provident Fund Balance Easily


EPF or Employee Provident Fund is a government-backed financial instrument that is considered as one of the most trusted retirement plans. In this fund, along with your contribution, your employer also contributes the same amount of money. This contribution is 12% of your basic salary + DA (dearness allowance).

Provident Fund balance check can be performed both online and offline. You must stay updated of your PF balance to know whether you are receiving the contributions from your salary and employer.    

To check your EPF balance, you can use 4 easy ways – the EFPO portal, UMANG app, SMS option or you can give a missed call. 

However, you must have activated your Universal Account Number or UAN activated to operate your EPF account and check the balance via these methods. UAN is a unique identity of EPF account. Irrespective of the employers, you will have only one UAN for your entire working life.

  • Via EFPO portal

Here are the steps you need to follow –

  1. After heading over to the portal of EFPO, you will find a tab called “Our Services”. Once you click on it, a drop-down menu will appear. 
  2. Select the option – “For Employees”.
  3. In the next step of Provident Fund balance check process, a new page will open with 3 different options called “Services”, “Important Links” and “Downloads”. 
  4. Click “Member Passbook” under “Services”.
  5. A login window will appear. After providing your details like UAN and password, you can access and view your EPF passbook.

By checking the balance, you will be able to know how to use your EPF money meaningfully in case you are retiring or wish to withdraw for any reason. 

  • Through UMANG app

The Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance or UMANG is a smartphone application from the Government of India that enables you to access several state and central government services.

To check your PF balance via this app, download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store then follow the steps mentioned below – 

  • Choose EFPO option after launching the app.
  1. You will find 4 options; choose “Employee Centric Services” from the given options.
  2. Next, the app will display two services – “View Passbook” and “Raise Claim” will show up in front of you. Click on “View Passbook” option.
  3. You need to provide your active UAN and registered phone number to receive an OTP. 
  4. Once you validate your details by providing the OTP, you will be able to view all your PF accounts.
  5. Click the one for which you want to view the balance.   

If you plan to withdraw your PF fund after checking the balance, you must know other investment plans that you can opt for. For instance, fixed deposits are one of the best savings scheme in India that you can invest in. 

  • SMS facility

To use the SMS facility, you must link your UAN with your mobile number. You have to send a message in the following format to perform a Provident Fund balance check – EPFOHO UAN ENG to 7738299899 from your registered mobile.

You can select your language in which you prefer to communicate. To do that, you need to type the first 3 characters of your selected language. For example, if you choose English, you have to type ENG, or if you choose Bengali, you have to type BEN. 

SMS facility to check PF balance is available in different languages such as Hindi, English, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu.

  • Missed call facility

You can perform Provident Fund balance check by giving a missed call to 011-22901406 from your registered mobile number. 

To sum it up, firstly you need to activate your UAN to check your EPF account balance. Secondly, you must register your mobile number with the same. Once you have completed these compulsory steps, you can perform your Provident Fund balance check is easy for you. Make sure that you utilise your PF corpus in the right way after withdrawing. You can invest in Fixed Deposits offered by NBFCs like Bajaj Finance. The company offers attractive FD interest rates, which helps your PF money to grow even more.

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