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Forgiveness, the process by which an offended party chooses to change the way they feel about someone who has committed the offense against them. It bears a distinct difference from the idea of condoning, excusing giving pardon, forgetting, or the act of reconciliation According to history, On the 8th of September back in 1974, President Gerald Ford presented a rather controversial Presidential Proclamation. This proclamation pardoned Richard M. Nixon of all wrongdoing that was related to that most famous of American scandals, the Watergate affair. Richard made very clear that he felt he had committed grievous wrong-doings against the people of the United States and the seat they had granted him. While you are unlikely to be in a position to grant a presidential pardon, what you can do is be more forgiving on International Pardon Day. If you are holding a grudge against those who have committed some offense against you, Pardon Day grants you a valid reason to examine your feelings and the time that has passed, and to let that resentment and anger go.

The aim of the pardon day: Pardon day is the day to seek and give forgiveness.

1. Giving pardon

While the word pardon can be commonly used as a synonym of forgiveness, the word has a very specific legal implication. This term is often applied to a prisoner and usually by a government, state or religious leader.

2.Giving and be happy

What is known about forgiveness is that it is an act that brings happiness to those who give it, one can release the hold on the negative emotions they’re harboring in themselves, but they cannot release the associated guilt for the person who committed the act. As a result, forgiveness is for the one giving it, rather than the one who committed the transgression. Research has shown that those who have chosen to give up resentments live longer lives as a result to an improvement in their cardiovascular and nervous systems.

This unofficial holiday is also known as International Pardon Day or National Pardon Day in the U.S.

There is nothing wrong in saying sorry, so if you have someone you think you have hurt, tell them that you are sorry. Write a nice note or meet them for coffee.

If someone comes to you to apologize for something they have done, be gracious and forgive them.

1. Trump Pardon me T-shirt

A funny shirt with the picture of Mr. trump printed on it. forgiveness is a humane gesture. The printing of Mr. trump on clothes is not only a new creative way for clothing, but also refers to the act of forgiving. He forgives to make your mind more relaxed and gentle.

We hope that when you wear this shirt, it is easy to forgive the wrong actions of others to you or increase your courage to apologize to others.

2. Pardon My French bulldog

Another shirt to wear on this holiday is a shirt called “Pardon My French bulldog”. It is quite simple but does not mean the shirt will lose the meaning of this holiday. Forgiveness is never to distinguish who you are, where you are. Anything is false and accepting apology is also considered beautiful action. Learning to forgive others is also to give them a chance to make a new person. and also give yourself an opportunity to shake past hatred and live in the present and future

3. Pardon You Can’t Scare  Me. I’m A Pardon

“You can’t scared me. I’m a pardon”-You are not make me  afraid because I am pardon. A statement of high affirmation. Forgiveness include everything. when you have not received forgiveness for your sinful actions, you always live in fear, inferiority complex, but when you receive forgiveness then that feeling will disappear and you will regain confident.

That the word pardon comes from the Latin perdonare meaning to grant freely? Pardon or grant freely is very meaningful in life. A wrong act can ruin everything but forgiveness of that action not only makes the person who caused the mistake more relieved. They will reconsider everything and fix them very hard. that’s what the parole day wants us to understand. Forgiveness is to start a new life and also to help the person who makes the mistake or the person who has the wrongness affect a relaxed soul and live better. Enjoy The Pardon Day !

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