Grab everyone’s Attention with the Trendiest Jewellery Designs

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It’s almost the fag-end of 2019 and with it has arrived yet another wedding season. Thus, you receive such invitations at regular intervals. These occasions demand gorgeous attires and similarly outstanding accessories. It’s a known fact that most women consider diamonds as their “best friend”. It is also true for gold jewelleries.

A lot of people consider Gold jewelleries as a gifting option. One of the most bought jewellery items is gold pendant sets. Every Indian woman owns at least 1 to 2 of these sets. The designs are usually different. Keeping the fact in mind that, different attire requires matching jewellery; the series of the top trends have been listed. It will not only save your precious time, but it will also help you to get the best jewellery possible.

For a precious metal like Gold, mostly ethnic designs are made. Not only for gold pendant sets but, the area of, have had the overall ethnic jewelleries had a vast range. For aeons, goldsmiths have tried different methods and perfected a variety of designs. The designs are:

  • Meenakari Design:

This method, in particular, has always been considered as a very pretty one. Various coloured minerals are used in the making of the product. Not only it beautifies the jewellery, but, this is to promote the idea of wearing colour coordinated clothes and accessories. Though, just like Afghani jewellery was introduced by invaders, Meenakari too developed in Persia. However, Meenakari designs have been perfected in Rajasthan, and today Jaipur is the hub of the said product. This method is primarily famous among older women. But with a touch of modernisation, it has paved its way in the heart of the young ones as well.

  • Temple Design:

The very name of this design depicts the whole idea behind the creation. It was originated in the 9th century, during the era of the Chola Dynasty. From the very inception, Tamil Nadu has been the leading city of this unique product. The shape of different Gods and Goddesses are used. Other than that, the shapes of lotus, peacocks have also found their places. This beautiful jewellery is mainly made of gold, and sometimes colourful stones are also embedded. It’s a unique design, adored by every age-group.

  • Kundan Design:

Now, coming to the latest trend, Kundan. It is preferred by all. Not only by youngsters but elders also love to embellish them with this unique design. The heritage of Kundan is equally rich. It originated in Rajasthan and flourished during the era of the Mughals. Even in today’s world it remained as an integral part of bridal jewellery sets. It is basically an amalgamation of delicate gold work and uncut diamonds. Despite being uncut, the diamonds are finely shaped. It’s not only adorned by celebrities, but it’s also worn by women of various segments.

Though gold is expensive, it’s always worth the price. The price varies depending on the weight, purity/karate, and making charges. Thus, don’t forget to grab your stunning piece, before this wedding season ends.


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