Give a Boost To Your Self- Confidence With The Right Eyelash Extensions


The glamour of the eyelash extension has enticed countless women. You might have encountered many of the ladies using these catchy false lashes. The fundamental reason behind using these falsies is the brighter look that these provide to your eyes, hence adding more charm.

Types of eyes and the right falsies

No doubt, false eyelashes enhance your looks and add to your personality and self-confidence. Now, if you are a beginner to this, it becomes challenging to choose the right pair of falsies. Since each one of us have different eyes, so eyelashes of different types will be required to keep up their looks. So, you must know the different types to select the right one for you-

Round eyes:

Big round eyes are already an addition to your beauty. To make a perfect balance and to ensure an authentic yet appealing look, use wispy lashes for your eyes.

Hooded eyes:

You have hooded eyes if turning up your eyelids conceals a portion of them. So, your eyelids are not completely visible, on opening your eyes. In this case, turning to dramatic eyelashes won’t be a good idea. Also, avoid massive lash extensions. You should preferably buy eyelashes online that are a little longer in the centre so that your eyes gain a depth and look attractive.

Almond-shaped eyes:

Women with almond shape eyes look very charming. If you are amongst them, almost any kind of eyelash extension will work for you. You should go for bulky eyelashes which distribute correctly to give your eyes a natural look.

Mono-Lidded eyes:

The eyes with no crease on the eyelids are called mono-lidded. Use edgy falsies with crisscross layers to get a pleasing look to your eyes.

Factors to consider before buying Falsies

False eyelashes have thus become the best way for a lady to enhance her makeup look. Well, you have many options from pre-glued to strip lashes. However, there are specific criteria to judge the options available to select a suitable pair for you.

See your comfort

Your comfort should be the top priority while selecting false eyelashes. So, if your eyes are sensitive or wearing contact lenses, avoid dramatic lashes having a thick band. It is imperative to choose ultrathin and lightweight falsies to have painless makeup.

Shape and size of your eyes

We all have different sizes of eyes. Some have small eyes while others have big. Seek the falsies that fit your eyes. Many companies offer you certain specific sizes to fit your eyes. Explore them.

Pick your colour

It depends on your choice. Some prefer the lashes that have a similar colour to their natural eyelash while few try colours like blue, wine or plum for the experiment.

Without a doubt, false extensions are going to be one of the best beauty enhancers for you, provided you pick the perfect pair. Keep in mind that with the charm, comes the pain of wearing and removing them. Therefore, have a proper research about each falsie before you buy eyelashes online. Going through reviews of the people who have already used them will be a great help.


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