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Which Material is Suitable for External Signage?


When a company establishes its office, it wants to tell the world about its existence. This is the basic requirement of getting the attention of the public. So, the companies get signage for their setup, which plays the role of their face and introduce potential clients to them. Some companies face the need to change their signage frequently as the old one gets damaged and fails to attract people.

Companies get new signage and keep facing the issue after a short span of time. Such issues mostly occur due to the poor quality material, and the companies keep ignoring and wasting their resources. A little knowledge about the best-suited materials for signage can help them get recognized in the market and make the most of their income.

UAE is considered the shopping and fashion hub in the Middle East, which attracts customers from across the globe. In this scenario, the companies have to get the attention of customers. They cannot stay tangled in managing their signage. So, they often hire the services of outdoor signage Dubai based companies and get the best quality signs having suitable and durable material.

Feel free to explore this article if you are also curious about the materials best suited for external signage choices and reap the benefits of a one-time investment.

Top 5 Materials Suitable for External Signage

Most of the businesses are only interested in getting their outdoor signs and do not contemplate the quality of the material used in it. This is the biggest mistake that they make. They need to get involved in the process, explore the types, trendy materials, and style, to ensure that their investment is long term.

The following are some of the most important materials often used in external signage, which are best suited and durable for the purpose.

1. Aluminum

Aluminum is the best material for external signage, which is specifically preferred by consumers across the globe. The distinguishing features of this material include the points that it is strong and lightweight at the same time. A number of accidents occur during storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes when heavy signage fall on people and cause injuries.

The use of aluminum material helps avoid such issues. The consumers can also decide the thickness of the material according to their business type. Moreover, it is pretty affordable.


2. Vinyl

Vinyl is one of the most commonly used material in external signage. It is also quite lightweight and durable. The most important feature of vinyl material, which is the reason for its popularity is that it is easily transformable. Moreover, it is quite inexpensive and can be changed frequently.

It is mostly used for communicating sale offers, political campaigns, and location change notices. Such messages are short-termed and require changes. So, vinyl is the best option in that scenario.


3. Dura Wood

Some businesses want to give a classic look to their stores and use wooden signs for that purpose. The quality of signs keep worsening due to strong sunlight and rainfall and require the owners to make the expense again. In such a scenario, Dura wood is the best option. It gives the classic feel of wood but has the protection against any type of harsh weather.

It can be customized in terms of style and size. Moreover, it is not quite expensive. The most important point is that it provides you support for years and not just a few months.

Dura Wood

4. Dibond

Dibond is the perfect material for those who want customized cut in their signage. It is the same as aluminum. However, its distinguishing feature is its thickness, which does not increase the weight of the sign. It also makes use of plastic. So, the companies looking for stronger and more durable signs opt for Dibond.

A little issue that companies can face is that it is a little more expensive than aluminum. However, the customers can stay assured of the quality and durability of the material.


5. Alumalite

Alumalite is another popular and durable material used by businesses in their external signage. The distinguishing feature of this type of material is that it has a thick core, which is not heavy but hallow. Due to this, the signage gets a strong and rigid look. Moreover, it is weather-resistant due to which it lasts for years.

Like Dibond, this material is also a little expensive. The reason is its supreme quality and customized finishing of the signs. It is perfect for companies that want to promote their brand image through signage.


Take away!

The signage is the face of the business. So, the managers need to pay attention to the design and specifically the material of the signs. The poor quality material will undermine the quality and impact of the design as well. If you are not aware of the quality of the material, you should never hesitate to consult the experts.

You can hire the services of outdoor signage companies and get the best quality material, as well as design for your external signs. You can also ensure to get the perfect customized finishing, which will add more years to your signboards.

So, never compromise on the material of your signage, and as it can cause you loss in more than one way.


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