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Customizing Cosmetic Boxes for Pitching Primer Serums


Primers have become an indispensable cosmetic item that you need for applying makeup. The product is used by professionals and customers for better blending of foundation. Primers are available in various forms these days. Serums are the most commendable ones as these are easy to apply and provide lasting moisture and perfect finishing.

For pitching and promoting primer serums, you need riveting packaging that is a delight to look at and explains the usage and benefits of the items explicitly and smartly. Packaging for cosmetics has evolved over the years. Now the boxes for various skincare and makeup products are designed with the view to create distinguished inkling for a brand, enlightening shoppers about an item and offering convenience to them.

When personalizing cosmetic box packaging for primer serums, you need to consider the psychographics of target customers. If you want to compel them into checking out the primer serum you are pitching, it is imperative to offer them something that interests them. You should be familiar with the latest packaging trends to tweak the boxes’ design and text details accordingly. Seek professional expertise for customized packaging.

Here we are sharing some insightful tips that will help you!

Design of Primer Serum Boxes should be Flashy

If you want to make the onlookers stop by your cosmetic counter and ask for the primer serum, add that flashy appeal to the packaging. Use graphics, color scheme and other details that make the boxes’ artwork enthralling. Make sure that the design idea complements the product. A customer should be able to perceive the product by having a look at the packaging layout. Cosmetic packaging box design for primer serums can be customized with a lively color scheme. Make the name of the product pop on the boxes with a funky font style.

Packaging should describe the Product USPs

Why would you want a shopper to buy your primer serum when she has so many product options? What is so different about the cosmetic item you are promoting? Is the serum intended for all skin types? Does it provide hydration to the skin? How it can be used for accomplishing the perfect blended foundation look? Answer all these questions trough custom cosmetic packaging and a buyer will definitely feel inclined into liking and buying the primer serum from you.

Boxes should provide Support to the Packaged Items

Cosmetics need protection from extreme heat, moisture, and shock. When getting the boxes for primer serums customized, you need to make sure that the printing material you choose is resilient enough to provide support to the products. If you have an online cosmetic store, it is all the way more important to have quality packaging for safely delivering items. Check out the thickness, robustness and other features of various stocks and customization combos before making a preference.

Cosmetic Boxes Wholesale should be User and Eco-Friendly

Having an environment and user-friendly packaging for primer serums will make these products more likable with potential customers. Eco-friendly boxes are easy to recycle and if you have vegan or organic makeup range, such packaging will aid you in endorsing your signature collection.

Packaging for primer serums should have clear instructions to use the item along with formulation and best before date. If serum has an allergen, share this information on the boxes.


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