Bollywood male actors plastic surgery before and after


You might have found a phenomenal change in the personality of people after plastic surgery. We are here to discuss the B-town male celebrities who choose the way for a plastic surgical operation to appear stunning and handsome. By nature, each person wants to look awesome. Macho man Ranveer Singh to Shahid Kapoor as the chocolate boy of Bollywood every actor has chosen the option of plastic surgery.  Let’s hear out all about them:

Shahrukh Khan:

He turns 52 years old as however, he was the sexiest and handsome man in the world. As a world charmer, he wins so millions of hearts with his impressive romantic personality touch in films. He went Botox and different cosmetic therapy several times. However, he is not at all now among the sexiest men in the world

Shahid Kapoor:

Being referred to as a chocolate boy, Shahid Kapoor has a significant female fan following. As per the recent reports, he went through a rhinoplasty to make his nose a whole lot more captivating

Ranbir Kapoor:

He has a huge female fan following than male. As the most charming actor in Bollywood, he went underneath the knife to treat his receding hairline.

Aamir Khan:

Being referred to as Mr. Perfectionist, he nonetheless appears younger no matter achieving his fifties. Aamir Khan went for Botox treatment for masking his visible wrinkle.

Anil Kapoor:

He has been part of the Bollywood industry for about forty years. He is nevertheless in the hearts of millions of people. The reason behind his glowing face is that he obtained a cosmetic help to continue to be younger looking.

Salman Khan:

This Bollywood Superstar has become the heartbeat of a million people. Without a doubt, he has gone for hair transplant and plastic surgical procedures several times to perfect his jawline.

Himesh Reshammiya:

He is although a singer but he turns as a Bollywood actor soon. He was once famously known for his style of wearing headgear or cap. Well at that time he was bald. Now, you may be surprised to observe him as a plastic surgical operation hero with shining and wholesome hair that comes as a result of hair transplant remedy.

Akshaye Khanna:

Akshay Khanna started out going bald, and he needs to put on a wig while acting in the movies. When we see him in the current film, it is apparent that he went for surgeries to put off the stain of a bald actor.

Akshay Kumar:

Akshay discovers soon in films that he is going bald. But, he never tries to disguise the fact. Instead, he wears hairpieces and wigs for his movies. Now, everyone loves his look as he went through the hair transplant cure.

Sanjay Dutt:

The actor was severely struggling from baldness. To treat the problem, he has gone for a strip technique various times.

So these have been few top leading actors of Bollywood celebrities who had plastic surgery operations just to look young! Which one of the transformations do you like the most?


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