Best Project Management Software for Architects and Engineers

Best Project Management Software for Architects and Engineers

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As businesses grow, so do their needs. Collaboration between project managers and their teams through emails becomes a tedious and time-consuming task, especially when quite a lot of people are involved in a project.

When it comes to architecture and engineering, and efficient work process defines the successful delivery of every project. Organization and strict compliance with workflow have become a necessity for organizations.

What makes project management software important?

Regardless of nature, large and small businesses undertake numerous projects and tasks. Efficient project management software will help them organize, plan, and run projects accurately and profitably. These software programs are now mainly used for project planning, allocation of resources, and effective time management.

Regardless of nature, large and small businesses undertake numerous projects and tasks. Efficient project management software will help them organize, plan, and run projects accurately and profitably. These software programs are now mainly used for project planning, allocation of resources, and effective time management.

A great project management software sets the business apart from its competitors in the industry and helps achieve a competitive edge.

Top Project Management Software for Architects and Engineers

Architecture & Engineering

Here is a list of the top project management software for architects and engineers.

  • PlanStreet 

Planstreet is project management software that was designed for companies of all kinds and nature. It consists of powerful tools that can be used by small and large teams regardless. PlanStreet aims at providing end-to-end solutions for project managers with features such as customizable templates, portfolio management, time and expense tracking, budget management, and idea management on one platform. With PlanStreet, project managers do not have to shift between multiple tools to get the work done efficiently.

  • Outplanr                                

Outplanr is project management software that allows users to set tasks for team members, define priorities, start dates and deadlines. It offers efficient project planning and works management features such as workload balancing, activity logging, and shared events. Architects can also upload files into the software. Project managers can also check the time spent on meetings and generate feasible work plans for the team.

  • Archioffice

ArchiOffice is project management software designed especially for architects. This software offers a variety of features such as project management, keeping track of deadlines, and billing. It is helpful for both architects and professionals to keep track of daily activities and budget estimates, access data, and crucial business information with the help of a centralized system. The dashboard is organized and helps in tracking KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Project managers can track the time spent by each of their staff members on a project or calculate the time they spend in the office. ArchiOffice can be integrated with applications such as MS Outlook, Apple Calendar, and others on different platforms.

  • ArchiSnapper

ArchiSnapper is a great project management software for architects or anyone who needs to draft field reports. It is a report and punch list tool that encompasses a simple user interface, saving project managers a lot of time. Architects can draft reports onsite, or save them for later.

With ArchiSnapper, it is possible to photograph, sketch, and comment with the help of smartphones and tablets. Moreover, project managers can access reports that are automatically generated by the software, which are also editable. It uploads all data to the cloud safely and securely, so no data is lost in transition, helping teams collaborate better.

  • actiTIME

actiTIME is a popular software for architects due to its transparent work management process. It boasts of easy submission of timesheets, informative reports, and an efficient work and time management solution. actiTIME can be used by any company regardless of the team size to track productivity and profitability.

The major benefit of this software is that it comes at an affordable price and includes billing and invoice functions to facilitate and ease the financial aspects of project management.

  • Xledger

Xledger is a cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for architects, as well as engineers. It can be used by midsize and large businesses to facilitate them in managing the day to day operations by making it automated. Project managers can access GL analysis, real-time reporting, billing, invoicing and expense tracking. The software provides graphs and dashboards that give an organized and detailed insight for workflow collaboration.

Xledger’s feature of payroll management, asset management, and customer relationship management sets it apart from other project management software available in the market.

  • ClickUp

ClickUp is one of the most popular projects management software in the current scenario and combines the features of both Asana and Trello. It works best for teams that want to work on an efficient and intuitive platform. 

ClickUp offers its users a variety of features, including docs, goals, reminders, calendars, and an inbox. Any member of the team can work on any element of the project with appropriate planning and organizing for efficient team collaboration.

  • WorkSection

WorkSection is an online SAAS project management software for engineers that allow access to real-time information on projects with the help of any device connected to the internet service. It helps in managing both tasks and subtasks of a team, along with necessary communication. Users can also track deadlines. WorkSection stores all documents, contacts, and files in a secure manner.

The software also includes tools for cost control, time control, setting priorities and uploading files. The best feature of WorkSection is that project managers can use it to enhance team collaboration as well as connect with clients, as the nature of this software is friendly and secure and can be used with other formats and apps such as Telegram and Slack.

  • Celoxis

Celoxis is extremely customizable, all-in-one project management software for engineers that are used by small teams as well as Fortune 500 companies. It helps in project management, creating tasks, timesheets, allocating resources, all in one place. Users can save themselves the hassle of switching between different tools for multiple tasks.

Through Celoxis, project management can easily be automated as it has everything that is needed to plan and manage different projects.

  • Wrike

Wrike is an online project management software for engineers that help teams deliver work with accuracy and efficiency. It consists of tools such as an interactive Gantt chart that shows dependencies, conflicts and allows project managers to enhance the quality of project planning, communication, and effective workflow while providing real-time reports of the team’s projects.

Project management is simplified with Wrike as it helps capture information and ensures that the team has all the information needed before they start working on a project. Other features include custom workflows and resource allocation.

Though projects may be complicated, to achieve success in the long-term, monitoring the progress of work is essential for both architects and engineers. Dedicated software for this purpose monitors various stages of the projects that a company is dealing with and provides helpful insights.

Moreover, efficient project management software plays a crucial role in building a communication funnel for projects internally and externally, leading to higher profits and the achievement of organizational goals.


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