Best Different Types of Refrigerator Models Under Rs 50,000

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After coming back from a hectic workday or a tight schedule, you may want to take a sip of cold water to beat the heat in the red hot summer. A refrigerator preserves the food items for a long time. There are so many benefits of having a refrigerator at home. The list is endless. In this article, let us focus on the best different types of refrigerator models under Rs 50,000.

There are so many different refrigerators in the market. But you need to select the best one for your needs. And you need to focus on these factors before purchasing a model.

Capacity – Check the number of members in your family and the refrigerator manual. Then make the purchase.

Space – Do you have enough space in the kitchen or living room to keep the refrigerator?

Budget – How much money has your family members kept aside for purchasing the refrigerator?

Aftersales Service – You may have brought the model from a reputed brand. But, kindly check the after-sales reviews.

Has your entire family members taken a strict decision to buy the best refrigerator, model and type in the market? Have they thought it as a one-time investment? Then Bingo, you have landed at the right page. In this article, yet, let us focus on the best double door refrigerator models under Rs 50, 000.

1-Whirlpool Double Door Refrigerator – (IF INV CNV 375 ELT (3S), German Steel)

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One of the best refrigerators from Whirlpool which provides a capacity of 360L. This model is best for a family consisting of 4-5 members. The brand has earned a reputation in the refrigerator industry for the past many years. There is no need to think too much about the performance and other problems.  It is a 3-star rated model, so power consumption is pretty decent. One more feature of Whirlpool is that the brand offers an excellent after-sales service. Don’t worry about its service. It comes with a 1-year warranty on the entire model and 10 years on the compressor. You can consider this model as one of the best different types of refrigerator models between the range of Rs 30000-40000.

2-LG Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator – GL-T402JBLN, Black Steel

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LG is one of the best in the electronics industry. To be honest, the after-sales service of LG is also pretty good. It comes with a 360L capacity and has a premium, beautiful steel look. This is a 4-star refrigerator which leads to money-saving and friendly environment.

This is a refrigerator with inbuilt stabilizer, so you need to only plug it in the socket.  This refrigerator has an Inverter Linear Compressor. This part helps in saving energy and reducing the level of noise. The Smart Diagnosis feature checks if every part of the appliance works just fine. It is one of the best well-packed refrigerator models under Rs 50000. Similar to the other models, you get a one-year warranty on the entire unit and nine years (warranty) for the compressor.

3- Different types of Refrigerator Models – Panasonic Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator – NR-BG311VDA3, Deep Ocean Blue

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As it is a 3-star refrigerator, the power efficiency is decent. You will be getting a capacity of 307 L under Rs 30,000. This model is known for its cooling capacity. It has a new feature called Intelligent Power Setting. It helps in matching the inside temperature inside with the kept food items. It also has an AG clean technology that cleans the air and also reduces the odor from bacteria. It has 1-2 glass shelves which help in keeping water bottles. The ECONAVI inverter system helps in enhancing the cooling performance. That results in less energy wastage and lesser power consumption. And it comes with a 1-year comprehensive warranty and 10-years for the Compressor.

4-Samsung Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator- RT42M5538S8/TL, Elegant Inox, Convertible

The capacity of this refrigerator comes to 415 L. This model is best for a family consisting of 4-6 members. Excellent build quality and the premium steel finish in the front can give a perfect ambiance to your living room. It is a 4-star refrigerator with a display in front to change temperature and modes. Even if there is a power cut, the CoolPack keeps the items inside cool for 12 hours. It has Power Cool and Power Freeze feature which cools items faster. The inbuilt stabilizer keeps down the chance of power fluctuations. The Twin Cooling Plus Feature maintains the humidity at 70%. That helps the food last longer.

Each compartment has its separate cooling unit. So, the odor does not get mixed. Do you want to possess a double door refrigerator model? Within the budget of Rs 50,000. Now look at the title of this paragraph and make the pick.

5-Different types of Refrigerator Models  – Haier Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator- HRF-619KS, Black Silver

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It is a massive refrigerator with a capacity of 565L. This model comes with various features. They have various compartments such as the Chiller Compartment and a Super Cool/freeze function to keep the food items fresh. Also, there is a Holiday Function feature which you can use to set the temperature in case you are going on a vacation. This model is equipped with an LED display to control the temperature. As per the reviews, this refrigerator consumes only 1 unit per day. That is a good sign for your electricity bills and also power efficiency. If you want a 500-600 L refrigerator, then this is one of the best refrigerator models under Rs 50000. Like all other models, it comes with one year and ten-year warranty on the entire unit and for the compressor.

6- Different types of Refrigerator Models – MarQ Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator – Silver, Grey, SBS-560W

MarQ is a brand owned by Flipkart which manufactures home appliances at a low cost. This model, you can consider as a large model among the lot. The capacity is 560L at only Rs 40, 000. You can count on this model to be one among the best side-by-side refrigerator models. Best Feature – Auto Defrost. Also, it has a Super Freeze feature, cooling any object within 2 hours. To maintain proper cooling, the refrigerator needs a different kind of design. The model has various vents so that 360-degree cooling occurs in the entire space. You can find a water dispenser on the left side of the door. So, you don’t need to open the door for water consumption. So, the energy gets saved if you consider the opening and closing for an entire year.  There is an LED display in the left door, so that manual control of the temperature setting is possible. It comes with one year of product warranty and 5 years of the same on the compressor.

The above mentioned are some best double door refrigerator models under Rs 50, 000. But, there are many smart refrigerators which you can look for in today’s date. If you ever have a high budget for a refrigerator, then always go for a smart model. The smart type of refrigerator will be best for improving your quality of living. The best factor about the smart model is that you will be able to monitor and control the appliance with your smartphone.


It is your money. You need to spend money at one time and then forget for about a decade. So, go for the best models mentioned in this article. There are, however, some senior family members who stick to a common brand. But it’s better to look for the service quality of the company when the warranty gets over. In a similar situation, you may not go to the service center again, unless there is a prime need.

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Hoping that this article got your attention. Do you want to get more information on other home appliances? Then do not forget to visit our website now and then.


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