Best Designer Clothes For Party And How To Safeguard Them?


A recent survey of India’s fashion industry shows that the annual consumer spending on clothes and footwear amounts to a staggering $6 billion and consists of about 6% of the total expenditure of the economy. From this data, it can be easily concluded that Indians love to dress up and also spend a fair share of their income on apparels.

In recent years, the trend of wearing designer garments on occasions like weddings and other parties have increased rapidly, especially among Indian women. So much so that these clothes are even available for hire from several avenues. However, owing to the cost of these clothes, individuals also have the constant fear of damaging them. 

But with policies like designer clothes insurance in place, individuals can ensure that any damage to their custom-made designer garments is compensated financially. You can, therefore, purchase and wear your favourite designer garment to any party, without the fear of damaging them.

Designer outfit idea for parties

Now that you are relieved from the worry of the ensuing expenses of damaging your clothes, you can easily wear them to any of your upcoming parties. Some of the latest trends in designer clothes include the following –

  • Lehengas

Lehengas have always been the outfit of choice among Indian women for various occasions. Starting from weddings to other parties, a high-end designer lehenga can be the perfect party-wear option.

  • Tunics

Whatever be the occasion, you cannot go wrong with a gorgeous tunic from any of the designer labels in the country. Also, with the designer clothes protection cover, you can ensure that you are financially protected against any accidental damage to it.

  • Saree

As far as party outfits are considered, nothing can match up to the elegance of a saree. With the perfect pair of shoes to match it, you can have the perfect ensemble to turn eyes in a party.

Also, Pocket Insurance schemes such as the Shoes Insurance policy can protect you financially against any damage caused to your shoes as well.

  • Western dresses

If you want to forego your ethnic options in favour of any of the number of western dresses avail, you can do so without any hesitation. Depending on the party you are attending, western dresses can be the best designer option for you.

Therefore, with a plethora of options available for you, and several easily available pocket insurance covers to provide financial protection against any damage to them, you can choose to don any designer garment without any worry.

What does a designer clothes insurance policy cover?

There are several instances covered under such insurance policies. These include –

  • You can avail financial protection of up to Rs. 50,000 under the Designer Clothes Insurance cover for your designer garments from damages incurred due to fire, explosion, lightning, implosion, etc. The insurance policy will also cover damages from flood, earthquake, cyclones, impact damages from vehicles, etc.
  • It also provides financial cover against losses due to attempted or actual robbery, theft and burglary of your designer garments.
  • With designer clothes insurance online, you can also avail cover against accidental damage to your clothes, and also get reimbursed for any repair or replacement costs.

Thus, a designer clothes insurance policy is one of the most comprehensive options to safeguard yourself from the financial liability incurred due to the damage to the outfits. Additionally, if you are seeking the insurance cover for your wedding day designer outfit, you can also opt for the Wedding Dress Insurance cover to suit your specific requirements. You can also preserve your garments further by making sure that they are cleaned and stored properly to ensure longevity.


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