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As the work culture is changing day by day both mother and father of a child are working parents. So they don’t have enough time to take care of their child nor they can compromise their career. So there are many facilities coming forward that help the couple for taking care of the child. The most popular one is Group daycare which are usually state-licensed and is like schools. They have kids of various ages and they take care of them in a group. These are usually run by employers themselves. There is much best daycare on Sohna road Gurgaon that provides with all infrastructure and attendants who are trained in taking care of the children.

Benefits of these daycare schools are as follows:

  • Continuous care: When children are sent here, they are brought up with continuous care right from the early months of infancy to the toddlerhood and even beyond that as per the requirement.  As these schools are licensed by the government, so parents can send their children here without any fear.
  • Education: These daycare schools are well organized with programs that will help in enhancing the development of the child. They provide basic knowledge about language, numbers which are very helpful to child in their future.
  • Socialization: Another important benefit of day care. Here your child enhances social skills. They get to see new faces every day and there they also make new friends and enhance their communication skills.
  • Cost: Some parents want that there should be someone who can watch their child while they are away, so they hire a nanny. But these daycares are less expensive than that of hiring a nanny for their child. Moreover, daycare is more beneficial.
  • Reliability: The daycare centers are open for about 12 hours and are able to support the variety of parents’ schedules. These are more reliable than more means.
  • The joy of learning: In daycare centers, children are always asked to perform group activities like drawing, singing, dancing and making new things with children of their own age. By looking at each other, children learn things more quickly and even try to do something new.

Apart from all these benefits, there are some of the disadvantages too that gives a negative impact.

These are as follows:

  • Exposure to illnesses: As the children are exposed to many other children and babies which might be sick. Exposure to more germs will make the immune system of the child weak.
  • Specific to group daycare: Some daycare centers are less flexible and may be closed on holidays. As these follows the public school calendar and the parents from private jobs will find difficulty in adjustment with them.

Apart from all these drawbacks, they have large plus points which don’t let the drawbacks to overshadow them. There are many Child day care school in gurgaon that are very much suitable for both parents and their children.


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