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Before You Go Gambling: Know About The best And Worst Casino Game Odds


Spin the wheel of luck and bounce back richer than before.

The twinkly and intriguing promise of every casino is enticing, but it’s trickier than expected. Regardless of the game one chooses to play, the house always has the advantage. Hence, surmising the algorithm can increase the odds of a coveted win.

Listed below are the best and worst casino games odds at every casino that one should know before heading to gamble with gusto.

Casino Games with Best odds of winning (49- 50 per cent)

Everyone dreams of hitting the jackpot with a sweeping win. Though luck plays a significant role, choosing games that require some degree of skill ensures that one is not left penniless at the threshold of the game. Listed below are games with a high winning stake.

  • Blackjack

Blackjack is a card game played between the players and the dealer. Players, however, don’t compete with each other.

The player wins when either of the following occurs :

  • The player gets 21 points on the first two cards, without the dealer hitting blackjack
  • The dealer gets busted by drawing additional cards and exceeds 21 points
  • The player reaches target higher than the dealer without getting busted (more than 21 points)

Since the dealer also relies on luck like the players, the odds of winning remain equal.

  • Craps

Crap is a dice game where players place bets on the outcome of a dice roll or series of rolls.

By placing an optimal bet, the player has a winning odds of nearly 50 per cent.

  • Roulette

Roulette is a wheel game where players place bets on a group of numbers, colours red or black, or a single number. The winnings depend on the successful prediction of the number that the ball might fall upon on spinning the wheel. This game puts up a higher winning advantage for players ensuring nearly 50 per cent winning stake.

Casino Games with the worst odds of winning (less than 40%)

  • Wheel of Fortune

Big Six Wheel or Wheel of Fortune is a game of luck played using a sizeable vertical wheel that can be spun. The house advantage for the big wheel is highest at every casino. The per cent varies from 11.1% on 1$ (INR 71.40) bet to 24% house advantage on Joker or logo.

  • Slot Machine

A slot machine is a display machine with three or more wheels that rotates when a lever or button is pushed. The odds of winning are so low as 1 in 49,836,032.

In the end, it is your interest that should dictate the amount you want to play, and the game that you want to play.

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