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Be a Network Operations Center Engineer: Qualification and Skills


A NOC (Network Operations Center) is a central location where IT support engineers can monitor, monitor, and maintain customer networks.

Many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) use these centers to ensure the continued availability of all customers. An MSP manages, and internal NOC sends a third party or chooses a mixed solution. Nevertheless, the services, functions, and responsibilities of the NOC remain the same.

Who do companies call when they encounter computer network problems? They can contact a network operations center where a technician can help them diagnose and solve their problems. NOC Engineers monitor networks also maintain and repair routers, switches, and firewalls. These professionals practice daily computer skills, troubleshooting and problem-solving. NOC technicians are usually full-time employees working for computer manufacturers, telecommunications companies or corporate IT departments. They generally benefit from health benefits, holidays, paid leisure and, in some cases, even bonuses. For this occupation, excellent job satisfaction reported.

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What are the Services of the NOC?

NOC plays a vital role in software distribution and updating, performance checking, network troubleshooting, matching with connected networks, and management of routers and domain names.

But that’s not all. There is a selection of NOC services, including:

• Performance reports and recommendations for improvement

• monitor and manage the firewall and intrusion prevention system

• Network discovery and evaluations

• Quality of service optimization and reporting

• Patch management and whitelist

• Backup and storage management

• email administration services

• Voice and video traffic management

• Anti-virus analysis and correction

• Common threat analysis

• The application of the policy

• Install application software, troubleshoot and update

In terms of responsibilities, the NOC monitors each hop, network flow, server, and endpoint that connected to the customer networks of the MSP. They also help monitor infrastructure capacity and condition, as well as make adjustments and decisions to ensure that networks function optimally and productivity organized.

When the NOC technician reports on something, depending on the relationship between the NOC and the MSP, teams can work to solve the problem and determine its origin to avoid future problems.

Qualifications Required to become a NOC engineer?

To obtain the required qualifications to become a NOC engineer, you must acquire a bachelor’s degree in computer science. For some jobs, you can earn an associate degree in this field if you are certified in some new technologies or have extensive experience in information technology in other related areas. The most frequently sought-after certifications by employers are A +, CCNA, VMWare or Microsoft. A bachelor’s degree and one or more of these certifications can help demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of information technology as a whole.

NOC vs. Help Desk Are the same?

No, an NOC and a help desk are not interchangeable services. The big difference between the two is that the help desk is where the interaction between the end user takes place.

The NOC provides maintenance, support, and resolution of critical issues so that the MSP can respond to customer issues. A help desk is a call center set up to receive questions directly from end-users who have a problem.

In simple terms, when an end user encounters a problem, they contact the help desk. If the MSP has a program, it will contact the NOC.

Skills and qualifications of NOC technicians

Success in this area depends on the ability to diagnose and solve problems through technical, computer, and analytical skills. Candidates for this type of work must show:

Knowledge of Network Technology – Understanding how network technologies work and the ability to share and install routers, switches, and other devices is essential for NOC engineers

Computer Literacy – NOC technicians, must know about operating systems, databases, software development and wireless technologies.

Customer Service – Fast and effective customer network troubleshooting is essential for NOC technicians

Troubleshooting NOC engineers use troubleshooting features on almost all phone calls to determine the cause of network problems

Analytical Thinking – NOC technicians must analyze the information provided on network problems to find concrete solutions.

Problem-solving skills– Once network problems diagnosed, NOC engineers use these features to provide effective solutions.Communication skills – Good oral and written communication skills are essential for talking to other technicians, customers, suppliers, and managers. Hearing skills are needed to understand the concerns and problems of clients.


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