US Vehicle Finance Market

Growth in Investments in Autonomous Vehicles Expected to Drive US Vehicle Finance Market over the Forecast Period: Ken Research

Vehicle financing refers to the range of financial products available which allows people to acquire a vehicle with any arrangement other than a full-cash distinct lump payment. It is also known as auto finance or car finance. It is widely used both by members of the businesses and public. All members have two financing options: […]

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Brazil Cold Chain Market

Rise in Consumer Demand for Perishable Foods Expected to Drive Brazil Cold Chain Market over the Forecast Period: Ken Research

Cold chain is a system, used for the management & transportation of temperature sensitive products through thermal and refrigerated methods of packaging. It maintains a product within a stated low-temperature range from harvest or production to consumption. It is also known as cool chain. It is a temperature-controlled supply chain. It is used to preserve […]

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Malaysia Industrial Lubricants Market

Demand for Industrial Lubricants in Malaysia Driven by Mounting Foreign Investments, Increased Number of Establishments and Increased Demand in End User Industries: Ken Research

“The National Policy on Industry designed by government of Malaysia, which is also called as Industry4WRD, is aimed at making the manufacturing sector rely more on technology and less on capital and labour to increase the overall productivity. The Gross Value Added by manufacturing sector in 2018 was about MYR 334 Billion thereby recording a […]

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India Pre Owned Premium Car Market

Rise in Demand for Off-Lease Vehicle Expected to Drive India Pre Owned Premium Car Market over the Forecast Period: Ken Research

A pre-owned vehicle is a vehicle which has one or more retail owners. It is also known as used car or secondhand cars. It is sold through various outlets such as rental car companies, franchise & independent car dealers, leasing offices, buy here pay here dealerships, auctions, and private party sales. Some car retailers provides […]

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Global Nail Polish Market

Increase in Awareness about Grooming among Women Expected to Drive World Nail Polish Market over the Forecast Period: Ken Research

Nail polish is a varnish used to decorate the nails of the fingers or toes, also called “nail lacquer” and “nail varnish”. It is mainly composed of 70%-80% of volatile solvent, small amounts of solvent oil, about 15% of nitrocellulose, titanium dioxide, camphor, and oil-soluble pigments. It is used for the protection of nail plates. […]

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Global Lubricant Market

Dynamics Of The Global Lubricant Market Outlook: Ken Research

Global lubricant market has presented a proficient growth during the recent trend. The existence of abundant base oil and lower cost of manufacture has positively suggested the respective regions of augment the introduction. The effective growth in the number of commercial vehicles and passenger cars, increasing investment in the infrastructure and advanced industrial development have […]

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Vietnam Online Classifieds Market

Vietnam Online Classifieds Market will be Driven by Increasing Number of Property Launches Coupled with Rising Consumer Spending in the Country: Ken Research

“In 2018, Vietnam’s nominal GDP per capita reached USD 2,211, an increase of 5.4% compared to 2017. A solid increase in GDP per capita suggested that an average Vietnamese have more disposable income to spend, which acted as one of the major growth factors for online classifieds market in the country”. The report titled “Vietnam […]

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Asia Pacific Lubricant Market

Changing Dynamics Of The Asia Pacific Lubricant Market Outlook: Ken Research

The Asia Pacific industrial lubricants market across region has stretched its maturity stage, therefore meeting the requirement expectations of every end user industry such as metal production, construction and mining, power generation, food processing, general producing, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals majorly by importing the base oil from the foreign regions and by locally manufacturing lubricants with […]

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