Aluminum Doors And Windows

Aluminum Doors And Windows For Home Or Office (Mir Windows)


Aluminum Doors And Windows

We are manufacturing a range of aluminum door and windows or highest quality material and finish. Double glaze and single glaze aluminum doors and windows are available. We have many styles of windows and doors for you that will increase the beauty of your home or office.

The multiple color options can fulfill your needs with many designs to suit any aesthetic. These doors and windows will renovate your home or office and give an attractive look to everybody.

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The Description Of Doors And Windows Separate Is Given Below:

Aluminum Doors:

MIR windows have been manufacturing aluminum doors with long time warranty. We provide a complete package for specific peoples and architects alike.  Our doors are suit for any application like commercial building, hotel, school, hospital, collage, bank, home, garage and many more.

 For the security of home or office we are using high quality locking system. This system will secure your home or office at any time.

We manufacture a diverse scope of aluminum doors to costume every shop style, whether classic or modern. Each door system has its own characteristics, offering varying levels of performance profile depth or application.

MIR’s aluminum doors are available in hundred of color options you can match your aluminum doors with your home or office paint for more versatility.

Single, double and triple glazing option is also here as well as doors can be open inward and outward. Sliding door can be open left or right according the space. Bi-fold doors can manage your home small space with its folding panels.

Moreover single panel and double penal doors are available. We use clear glass in all our products.


  • Single glaze
  • Double glaze
  • Triple glaze
  • Sliding stacking doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Hinged doors
  • Single panel or double panel


  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Recycle able
  • So many unique styles
  • High standard security lock
  • Weather resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • A lot of color options

Aluminum Windows:

MIR windows also provide a comprehensive range of aluminum windows. These windows suit for any place like shop, office, home, or other building.

Our windows are very strong light weight and flexible. Our limits of profiles are deliberate to collect and exceed the concert principles anticipated in forward looking edifice design. They are plus aesthetically enjoyable which appeals to designers who are looking for a scale of construct skin and functions that enables special people to elect the aluminum dialogue box system that suits the requirements and model of their project.

The frames of windows are very slim that looks very attractive.

The use of RAL colors makes the window long lasting and gives a classic look. These colors are available in many colors shades. You can choose the design and color of window as you want.

Our installation team provides the facility of install the windows at your home or office.


  • Top hung and side hung
  • Side hung and bottom hung
  • Tilt turn windows
  • Fully reversible windows
  • Interior or exterior glazing options
  • Single and double glaze windows
  • Sliding windows
  • Casement windows


  • Fully recycle able
  • Change able design
  • Very long listing finishes
  • Integrated deep head profiles for ease of trickle ventilation
  • Numerous designs are available
  • Long time warranty

Our aluminum windows are best for energy efficiency. They can decrease the electricity bill of your home or office. The clear glass give you clear view of outside and it is a best way for natural light.

These windows are totally corrosion free so if your business or home is on sea side the chances of corrosion increases the aluminum windows are best way fo prevention of corrosion. and window frames are ideal for commercial places where least investment and maintenance expenditure is required.

If you want more privacy in your home or in your room you can install MIR aluminum blinds or fly screen with windows.

In short we are the right company for furnishing of your home or office. We are also provides the facility of supply and fitting along with manufacturing. We are sure that your investment on our aluminum door and will be profit bale for you. You feel sorrow free after seeing our work and we feel happy after your positive feedback.  


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