Against Racism with Queen and Slim T-Shirt


Racism is the belief in the superiority of one race over another. It may also mean prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against other people because they are of a different race or ethnicity. Modern variants of racism are often based in social perceptions of biological differences between peoples. These views can take the form of social actions, practices or beliefs, or political systems in which different races. They are inherently superior or inferior to each other, based on presumed shared inheritable traits, abilities, or qualities. In modern life, although many people have new thoughts about this field, a part of white people still think that they are more noble than other. Therefore, there are more and more demonstration happing in order to racism

Everyday, there are a lot of films about this fields. One of the most wonderful movies is Queen & Slim. It is a 2019 American romantic drama film . This film tells about two African-Americans. They must go on the run after killing a police officer in self defense during a traffic stop gone wrong.

Queen & Slim begins on a chilly night in Cincinnati. On the drive home a white cop pulled them over for a minor traffic violation in a situation that progressively escalates. As a result, “Slim” shooting the police officer in an act of self-defense. Imprisoned or dead, he would no longer belong only to himself. But the truth is, the moment that gun went off, they both became icons for the black community. Terrified, he and “Queen” decide they have no choice but to go on the run. They set out for her Uncle Earl’s place in New Orleans, in an effort to lay low and figure out their next move.

It’s during one stretch of their desperate drive south. The eponymous black couple of Queen & Slim debate luck versus destiny as the universe’s driving force: is life random or preordained? Neither answer is encouraging. If it’s solely a matter of luck, they did not see a racist white cop. But their situation cannot be cosmic misfortune; it’s the bleak reality of being black in America.

Nor is it fate that they must kill the cop in self-defense and run before they can be arrested. Life, as demonstrated by Queen and Slim’s attempts to escape a corrupt law that would murder them for so much. To this end, Melina Matsoukas and Lena Waithe’s brilliant protest of police brutality nonetheless chooses to find the small moments of joy in a nightmare situation that brings not just two strangers, but the entire black community together. At first, Queen and Slim are murderers. After that , they became a symbol for black Americans who’ve long been traumatized and terrorized by the law.

This emphasis on the humanity of the story trumps what thriller elements there are. The police hunting them down are never a central focus, but always show up just when it’s time to get the two of them on the road again. What gives these moments tension is the unspoken fact that even though the captured footage shows them defending themselves against a police officer who had shot an unarmed Black person before and gotten away with it. Queen and Slim are doomed to face the worst of consequences by a system painting them as murderous fugitives.

However, the tensions seem obligatory to keep things moving. What will leave the warmest, most substantial feeling inside are the smaller moments where the two look at each other as if there’s no one else that matters. If their old lives are to be forfeit, they have to take in the beauty of what newness is in front of them. This all builds to an emotional whopper of an ending. To everyone else, they’re folk heroes who stand for something so much more than themselves, but when they look at one another, all that matters is each other.

Nowadays, Racism has gradually disappeared, however, some white people still considered the Black as slave. Therefore, we take action immediately to protect the human right. Everyone has these rights “without distinction of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status”. We are always with you in everywhere. Queen and Slim T-Shirt. 

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