December 25th is Christmas. This is a special day as it commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ who Christians believe is the Son of God. The name ” Christmas” comes from the Mass of Christ. A Mass service (which is sometimes called Communion or Eucharist) is where Christians remember that Jesus died for us and then came back to life.
Christmas is one of the biggest festival of a year in a European countries. However, in recent years, the Christmas Day became a public holiday in the world. Christmas reinforces the belief of one’s soul and heals all sadness and dissatisfaction.

Therefore, Christmas is a time when their family better understand better. Why we enjoy exciting films? On this day, there are a variety of films about The Christmas Day. One of the most famous is ” The Grinch ” published by Yarrow Cheney and Scott Mosier in 2018.
In 1966, Dr. Seuss introduce the Grinch to the world. The Grinch quickly became a popular image of Christmas. He is a hairy, pot-bellied, pear-shaped, snub-nosed creature with a cat-like face and colored avocado green. He lives alone with a dog called Max on a cliff. A cornerstone movie that meant Christmas was quickly approaching.
The 2018 version of The Grinch incorporates new elements into the same basic story, narrated by Pharrel Williams. In this iteration, Cindy Lou Who has hatched a plan to help her mother, Donna Who whose life has become deluged in work and raising three children alone. The story shares times between the residents of Whoville and the Grinch.
Whoville is a magical world, like many of the fantastical worlds that sprung from the mind of Dr. Seuss. It is a place of harmony and joy. It is a town with architectural features that defy the law of physics with citizens who don’t seem to have a drop of malice in their blood. The town lives for their annual celebration of Christmas, where they gather as a community, join hands and sing. A towering nearby mountain has a cave inhabited by a furry green grouch. The Grinch also live in here.
The Grinch is misanthropic and mean-tempered. He especially hates the Christmas Day, making particular note of how disturbing the various noises of Christmas time are to him, including the singing of Christmas carols. For him, the fact that My village will celebrate Christmas three times bigger every year is a nightmare.
The Grinch’s distaste for Christmas is not without merit: The Grinch was an orphaned child. After years of watching families celebrate the jolly holiday together, he came to associate Christmas with loneliness and heartache.
Unable to stand the holiday any longer, he decides to destroy it once and for all.
Aided by his pet dog, he disguises himself as Santa Claus and breaks into the Whos’ homes to steal everything. After that , he dumps it off a nearby mountain. Although he pulls off the theft successfully, on Christmas morning, he is shocked to hear the Whos still singing cheerfully, happy simply to have each other.
The Grinch then realizes that the holiday has a deeper meaning that he never considered. Inspired, he stops the Whos’ belongings from falling off the edge of the mountain. He returns all the presents he stole. The Whos do not care that he stole their decorations and trees and presents because Christmas is about families and loved ones coming together. The gifts are just a bonus.
The Grinch lives in a world saturated with such kindness and empathy. The Whos are not mad at the Grinch for his mass-theft. They even invite him to Christmas dinner because they recognize that his attitude is rooted in actual pain. Especially, when The Grinch received love, happiness and tolerance from everyone, Grinch’s heart has returned to its original size, tripled and fully enjoy the warm atmosphere of Christmas like everyone else. Hurt people hurt people, as the saying goes, and we each have our own individual stories and traumas.
This film is really meaningful and educational. It expresses the humanity and and the friendship. It also gives messagethat Christmas is about being with loved people surrounding us, not material gifts.You know, Christmas is a wonderful period when the member of family can gather together to participate in Christmas activities. On this day, people blow off some steam and treat other like close relatives

In the evening, often just before bedtime, many families, particularly those with children, will hang up stocking on the fireplace or the end of the their be. These Christmas stockings are often red with a white fluffy trim, although they may be of any design and are often much bigger than the socks that they represent. Children hope that Santa Claus, a mythical figure thought to represent an ancient European saint, will enter their home via the chimney and fill their stocking with gifts, sweets and oranges

With only approximately 30 days left for Christmas, Netflix is here with a treat for all. Towards the end of November, the platform is all set to release its original show, ‘Merry Happy Whatever.’ Merry Happy Whatever is an upcoming American dark-comedy web television series starring Dennis Quaid. The series is set to premiere on Netflix on November 28, 2019. The first season will consist of eight episodes
The plot revolves around Don Quinn, an iron-willed patriarch from Philadelphia. With holidays closing in, he is trying to manage the stress of the holidays to meet the demands of his close-knit family and they too are doing their best to manage him. His youngest daughter Emmy arrives home from LA for Christmas, with her new boyfriend Matt, a struggling musician. Don’s belief that “there’s the Quinn way… and the wrong way” is put to test.

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