7 Helpful Tips For Moving To Another State

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Moving from one place to another is quite challenging. It gets a bit more challenging when you are moving to another state. You have to adjust to major changes in climate, state laws and environment. 

There is no one simple hack to make any move easy and stress-free. You have to work on various levels and be prepared for last-minute surprises down the road. 

You can make things easier if you spend enough time planning. Most of the people do not acknowledge the importance of making elaborate plans. Organizing a move can cut down half of your stress.

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Let us look at 7 helpful tips for moving to another state.

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1. Secure Housing And Employment Before Moving

A lot of people consider moving to another state for better career opportunities. Make sure to secure a job in the new state before you move.

 Getting a house in the new state is also an important matter that needs to be sorted out before you move. It takes time to find comfortable and affordable residential property. Even if you want to rent a house, take out some time to visit the new state.  

2. Write Down A Detailed Plan

Once you are done with the decision, write down some to-do lists. If you are an old school like me, use a paper and pen to jot down the details of moving. Break down the move into different phases and write down the tasks to be completed during each phase. 

If you keep a chronological order in the list, things get super easy. There are multiple resources on the internet such as moving checklists. Some apps are designed to make a move easier. Use the internet to make your move easy.

3. Pare Down Your Stuff

A lot of us have a habit of keeping unnecessary belongings. Most of us develop emotional attachments with our stuff and fear letting it go. When you have to move to another state, taking all of your stuff with you can be expensive and challenging in many other ways.

 Take this time as an opportunity to pare down your stuff. It does no harm to keep items you are emotionally attached to but sort out the things that can be left behind. If you check your house storage or attic, there are a lot of things that need not go with you. 

Arrange a garage sale for the items you no longer need. I use a simple rule for discarding storage items. If I didn’t need any item in one complete year, I can do without it for the coming year. 

You can make some money by the garage sale to facilitate your next move. Create a personal inventory of all your items to ensure you don’t lose any of the important stuff.

4. Create Moving Budgets

It is essential to create a moving budget before you hire a moving company. Moving out of state can cost a lot as you have to rent new houses, transfer your stuff and get done with legalities. 

According to the American Moving and Storage Association, the average cost of hiring cross country movers is around 4300 dollars. You should also compare the costs of DIY and professional movers. 

Begin with your budget limits to cut down unnecessary costs such as packing. Don’t forget to put aside a fraction of your budget to deal with hidden expenses.  

5. Find Reliable Out Of State Movers

Once you have decided to hire professional movers for a stress-free move, find a reliable moving company near you. You can check the reviews of moving companies on the Moving Companies Directory. 

You can find valuable information from the official websites and review sites. Check the licenses and insurance documents of a moving company before signing the contract. 

Interstate movers are regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The compliance requires motor vehicle insurance, liability insurance, up-to-date registration, and a unique US dot number. Check these details to avoid any scams.

Request moving quotes from at least three moving companies to find cheap long distance movers. Don’t fall prey to too-good-to-be-real pricing.

6. Research Schools And Health Facilities In New State

If you have school going kids, don’t forget to research the schools in the new state. Keep a check of the nearest health facilities. Transfer your utilities at the end of the month to cut down costs. Go to USPS to change your mailing address.

7. Strategic Planning Helps

Pack all the non-essentials first. Prepare a bag of essentials a day before the move. Lookup for space-saving packing tips to avoid too much mess.


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