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5 Crucial Strategies for Disruptive Behavior in Classroom


In today’s modern world, school plays an important role in developing a child for the future. With so many subjects to offer, school becomes the first step towards the success of any student. The modern schools often try to build an effective strategy giving students an extra period of P.T where they could play their desired outdoor games. But often, the strategies get fails, when it comes to disruptive behaviour in the classroom.

One of the biggest challenges the majority school faces is disruptive behaviour in the classroom. Effective classroom management strategies are the only way through which any school can overcome disruptive behaviour in the classroom. Let’s take a look at the top crucial strategies for the class management system.

What is Class Management?

Before discussing the strategies for disruptive behaviour in the classroom. The classroom management is the number of strategies through which a teacher can cater the students, and ensure that the lesson plan is executed in a smooth and effective way. The class management is an important part of a teacher’s training and both veteran and new teachers need to know the class management strategies. Let’s take look on crucial strategies teachers need to apply in order to minimize the disruptive behaviour in the classroom.

1- Getting Modern Technology:

Behavior in the Classroom

The modern problems need modern solutions, therefore to overcome disruptive behaviour in the classroom, adopting modern technology is an ideal option. With school management system, it becomes easy to keep the check and balance over the students. The digital teaching methods encourage students to pay more attention to the lessons. The modern teaching method allows teachers to convey the lessons effectively and restricts disruptive behaviour in classrooms.

2- Have A Sense of Humor:

Having a good sense of humour is essential to understand children. Without a good sense of humour, kids won’t like you nor you will like kids. A good sense of humour works perfectly to disarm the bad situation and overcome the disruptive behaviour in the classroom. However, you need to be careful with the sense of humour, as carrying it too far with the students who don’t understand the limits, there would be more disruptive behaviour.

3- Never Raise Your Voice:

To handle a disruptive class, it is recommended not to raise your voice. Students are waiting for you to raise your voice and yell at them, as it gives the student the chance to raise their voice and argue back. The naughty students often love to retell the story of the teachers who yell at them and often make fun. Therefore, the key to handling disruptive behaviour in the classroom is to be calm, cool, and collected.

4- The Silent Stare:

One of the crucial strategies to handle disruptive behaviour in the classroom is the silent stare. Once you stand and stare students, you will find they will automatically pay attention towards you. Even, if not, you can announce that you aren’t wasting times on them, and talk about the assignment. This strategy will really work in handling the students.

5- Treat Students with Respect:

From the first day, it is necessary for you to treat students with respect if you want it in return. Treating students with respect makes them calm, more obedient and also effective in handling disruptive behaviour in the classroom.


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