3 Employee Concerns that Bosses Must Consider Before Business Relocation


A company may decide to go for a business relocation because of many factors such as the need to be closer to the target audience, inefficiency of the surroundings, payment matters and more. A business relocation is concluded to be done as a result of something negative that might happen in the current location. It could also be done with the motive of having a better workplace.

While moving out of an office or store location to find a more ideal and a better one is for a profitable business purpose, bosses should never sacrifice the welfare of their employees. Of course, employees will be the most affected people in business relocation; yes, more than clients would be. They are the ones who go daily to and from the workplace, so they are the most affected here. 

If you are a boss, you must be sensitive enough and considerate to see to it that your employees, the body of your company, are fine with the business relocation that you are planning. 


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You have employees under your management. They surely do their best to consistently execute their tasks properly, hoping and being certain to achieve everything outstandingly and to reach your expectations as their boss. Without your employees, it would be hard, also probably impossible, for you to achieve huge, diverse and worthwhile outcomes resulting from big, various and effectual efforts of different people. With your mind in plan and mouth in command, your employees are the hands and minds that work, help and make things happen. You cannot deny that.

With that fact alone, you should chiefly consider their comfort, safety and convenience relative to the new location that you are inspecting. A tremendous adjustment might be demanded from them if you are relocating to a distant site, especially if their places of residence will become even farther to and from it. 

It won’t take much to communicate with your employees whether the new place that you are planning to be in would be agreeable for them or not at all. Be nice and receptive enough for them to be honest and for them to not be in two minds. Realize that when your employees are affected by workplace conditions and aspects that are unfavorable for them, look at how punctuality and productivity are negatively altered. 


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When looking for a new venue to move your company, see to it that important resources and establishments are present nearby. You will have loads of problems if it is away or hard-to-access from places where you can buy your essential stuff and avail helpful services.

You must keenly look around to see if there are surrounding hospitals, drugstores, medical centers, malls, convenience stores, grocery stores, Internet shops, fast food restaurants and other useful enterprises and stores. There must be nearby areas where you can buy basic needs, especially concerning health care and food necessities. 

This is not just to be close to clients’ needs, thus, close to clients’ hearts, but most of all, to be homey and ready for all employees’ needs.



When the topic is location, you cannot skip transportation! How will you go to the new company or store location?  How will your clients go there? How will your employees do the same? If it leads to tons of hassles, think again if you really want it. 

Transportation troubles have enormous effects on productivity, time utilization and without a doubt, people’s interest. Your business will be harshly dragged if employees get so drained, so tired and so impatient traveling to where your new office will be. The mental and physical effects of that are dangerous. As you know, people nowadays have become and are becoming more irritated and restless because of congested cities and heavy road traffic. Your employees might just choose to resign and look for a new company with a better location. Think about that too.

Furthermore, estimate travel expenses in all perspectives for everyone who will have to travel to your office. Are they too costly compared to your current office location? If yes, many employees will surely be disadvantaged. 



It’s either your employees will really have a hard time accessing your new location causing their work to become a bit unproductive or they will choose to leave your company. It’s a matter of choice for them, but you make the choice first. Not only your employees might suffer but also your business. Be wiser before finalizing a business relocation decision. Think about your employees as well. You cannot just leave them behind, following wherever you place your business because they might just think of leaving your company too.

AUTHOR BIO: Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Travel, health, shopping, lifestyle and business are among the many subjects she writes about. She also writes for Specific Relocations, a company providing quality commercial logistics, business relocations and furniture, fixtures and equipment management services to all industries for more than 50 years now. She graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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